Grand Theft Auto cheats: Vice City (GTA VICE CITY) for PC, PS2 and Xbox

Here are a series of tips and tricks from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PC and that will definitely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Codes for GTA Vice City:

During the game enter the following codes. ABITDRIEG: Cloudy weather. AHAIRDRESSERSCAR: Vehicles turn pink AIRSHIP: The boats fly ALOVELYDAY: Lovely time in grand Theft Auto Vice City APLEASANTDAY: Nice weather. ASPIRINE: 100% health and if you write it when you are inside a vehicle (any type of vehicle), it will recover if it is broken or about to burn. BETTERTHANWALKING: Golf cart. BIGBANG: Exploit nearby cars. BOOOOOORING: Decrease speed. CANTSEEATHING: Day with fog. CATSANDDOGS: Rainy weather. CERTAINDEAD: Tommy starts smoking. CHASESTAT: ?? CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED: Play as Ricardo Diaz. CHICKSWITHGUNS: Women in bikini with weapons. COMEFLYWITHME: Cars that fly. DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS: Tommy gains a few kilos. FANNYMAGNET: Women harass you. FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT: People start fighting. FOXYLITTLETHING: Play as Mercedes. GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST: Car much faster. GETTHEREFAST: Saber Turbo car. GETTHEREQUICKLY: Your car is going faster. GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED: Car even faster. GREENLIGHT: All traffic lights in green. GRIPISEVERYTHING: Perfect driving . HOPINGIRL: Pedestrians enter your vehicle. ICANTTAKEITANYMORE: Suicide. IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY: Play as S. Forelli. ILOOKLIKEHILARY: Play as Hilary. IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK: Black cars. LEAVEMEALONE: Decreases the level of police search. LIFEISPASSINGMEBY: Time passes quickly. LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS: The wheels of sports cars become giant. LOOKLIKEHILARY: You play as Hilary King. LOOKLIKELANCE: Play as Lance. MIAMITRAFFIC: Fast traffic in Vice City. MYSONISALAWYER: Play as a lawyer. NOBODYLIKESME: People attack you. NUTTERTOOLS: Strange weapons. ONEARMEDBANDIT: Play as Phil Cassidy. ONSPEED: Increase speed. OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS: Everyone has weapons. PANZER: Get a tank and play in Grand Theft Auto vice city PRICEUSPROTECTION: 100% Armor. PROFESSIONALTOOLS: Professional weapons. PROGRAMMER: Baby arms and legs. ROCKANDROLLCAR: Limousine. ROCKANDROLLMAN: Play as Jezz Torent. RUBBISHCAR: Scrapping car. SEAWAYS: Cars float on water. STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP: Change the clothes of the pedestrians. THELASTRIDE: Car with coffin. THUGSTOOLS: More powerful weapons. TRAVELINSTYLE: Flying car. WELOVEOURDICK: Play as Dick. WHEELSAREALLINEED: Invisible cars (only the wheels are visible). YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE: Increase the level of police search in GTA

Get Army Armored Helicopter

More energy

Park a car in vice city (luxury like the banshee) near a prostitute. The left window should look at her. After talking a little with her, she will get in the car take her to the beach (no matter if east or west) and wait. The car will jump and gradually your health will increase from 100 to 125. Note : If it is not uploaded, or if you activated the FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT trick, activate the HOPINGIRL trick and it will be uploaded. Until the increase in energy occurs, you must spend a lot of money.

Infinite ammo

When you do a trick to get weapons, the number of ammunition obtained appears in the upper right of the screen. When the number that appears below the photo of the weapon cannot be extended, the numbers will disappear and you will have achieved infinite ammo. Note : It is very expensive to do the trick over and over again, so I recommend using it with weapons that use a lot of ammunition in a short time like machine guns ... so that the hole is filled as soon as possible.

Decrease or enlarge the moon in GTA Vice City

Shoot with a sniper rifle to the moon, until it's the size you like best.

Climb the helicopter to the height you want

To climb the helicopter to the height you want, you have to get on the helicopter and enter the key COMEFLYWITHME (Flying cars) and the helicopter will go crazy, you have to know how to control it and so you raise it to the height you want.

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