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Game modes

Minecraft Classic

Classic, is a title given to the game modes released before inDev. It is the first phase of development in Minecraft. This phase was identified until June 28, 2010, when a blog post was written on behalf of the development phases [1]. Idea, and later survival Game modes have been introduced in this version. Survival mode releases in the Classic environment were carried out in a test called survival test. It is a very early version of the game mode. The test has a point-based system, where the player gets points to kill some of the principles of the few mobs. Even after classic was eliminated, the survival test could be played until December 16, 2010, when the web has received an important review. This mode was quietly removed from the website so people didn't pay much attention to it. The most recent version of the classic creative game mode is, however, you can still play for free on the Minecraft website. It no longer only keeps updated and for historical purposes. According to Notch, he plans on «... slowly eliminating. I will not remove it, however. You just have to hide. » You can play both variations for a player and multiplayer. There are mods that have been added in multiplayer mode, making the game more varied in the game. Some special custom game modes such as Survival Lava, TNT War or zombies have also been created. Due to its obsolete state, it is not compatible with many of the main features in current versions such as crafts, inventory or any of the most recent features, such as dynamic lighting. The lack of hiding and the addition of dyes to Beta are becoming redundant the classic mode.

Single player

The classic level format is used by all varieties of classic Minecraft. It is compressed with gzip and contains a short header followed by serializing Java objects. The single player levels have the extension «. Own".


The levels used by the Classic Creative server are called "server_level.dat". The file can be a backup to save the content that helps protect the constructions against intimidators or use the file for map editing. Since the format of this level depends on how Java serializes the objects, the easiest way to work with it is through the classic server itself, minecraft-server.jar. The sample code is provided to show how to create an editor at the top of minecraft-server.jar.

Minecraft Alpha

Alpha or Alpha was the previous version in the Minecraft Infdev replacement development cycle (Infdev or Infinite Development is the third phase of the development cycle and can only be played in single player mode of Survival Mode. Infdev exceeded indev when a plan for infinite maps has been launched by Notch.The main novelty of Infdev was the inclusion of infinite maps, hence the "inf" in the name. Infdev works by generating an area of land for the player the first time they spawn, then continues to generate more land as the player of companies in unexplored areas. The maps generated by infdev can theoretically be up to eight times larger than the surface of the Earth (although much less convenient volume, since the maps are only about 64 meters deep).

Alpha replaces Infdev

Infdev was replaced by the Alpha. Infdev is no longer updated, and its relationship has been removed from the Minecraft website. As of September 2010, the notch has removed the inDev and Infdev versions. There was only one type of playable game mode in this version, which was survival. During the Alpha phase, Minecraft has been updated very frequently, because the notch worked full time on the Minecraft project since May 29, 2010 and that it has a small company made later. Correction of errors and adjustments that could happen throughout the week, which appears in the game development blog, with important additions and changes that appear in the updates of 'Seecret on Fridays, leaving game players to discover New features included. On December 11, 2010, the notch announced that the party would enter the Beta development phase on December 20, at which time the price would rise to € 14.95.

Single player

Survival (Survival) Survival mode is the second game mode released in Minecraft in which players must build structures and fight to survive. Currently, it is the main focus in the development of Minecraft, being the only playable game mode in the most recent beta version of the game. Players can build shelters to defend against enemy mobs that are generated to make their lives more difficult. All building blocks in the game must be won. Players also have an inventory of what they have more space to gather items, which are able to combine with each other through certain agreements to create new objects. This process is known as crafts. Players are also capable of underground mine in search of precious minerals. Creative Creative mode is one of the many game modes in Minecraft. Currently it is only playable in the Classic version and will be released for the Beta version on a date without notice. Players have an infinite amount of each block to build and not with the health or damage of which to worry. Taking advantage of this, players can create large constructions such as castles, roads, buildings and overpasses, water fountains, along with art forms called Pixel Art. Not only do users of the designed buildings, Pixel Art, and caves have them, but also sports mini. Using the current functions in the game, users have put to intelligent use. A popular Minecraft sport is Spleef.


Survival (Survival)

Multiplayer survival is currently under heavy development and is only available in beta. However, skimmed milk powder is currently in a defective state. It has been improved in many ways, however, health and now it works properly, crowds can harm players, players suffer fall damage, and players can kill other players (if there is no implication based on server to prevent damage). Players have speculated on the way the game will come out once the multiplayer mode is finally completed, the game could include assault groups, defense base mechanisms, player cooperation villages, and much more. Adventure mode Adventure mode is an upcoming game mode. It will be similar to survival, but players do not have the ability to destroy or place blocks, you can only use the elements. The mode will become more of an adventure game, rather than a sandbox game. characteristics It will have programmable Tiles, such as doors, pressure plates, and levers. New types of Mobs that will surely attack. Items you can carry and use. These include potions, keys, and even teleportation stones. You have the ability to leave a loot (and maybe other things) for your teammates in your game, and have them pick it up in yours. Import maps from survival mode or Creative mode. Capture the Flag Capturing the flag is speculated that it will be a future game mode in Minecraft, mentioned by Notch in a blog post. It is expected that after the final version of the game will be released. Not much is known about it, but, according to the name, it is expected that it will be formed by players left must build some bases and have to defend a kind of flag of the enemy's agents. The flag is likely to be a new block type. Some people have made their servers in which they have a kind of "Capture the flag" so that each team has a base, for example, Red Team has a red base, and the blue team has a blue base and so successively. Similar to the most common video games with a "Capture the flag" mode. One possible way that this could go on the subject is that it has a certain need to be transported from chest to chest. The maps will be either pre-determined or, in their ability to modify the Game, a custom map. Expect something along the lines of a first-person RPG capturing the flag. (for example: Call of Duty). Capturing the flag consists of snatching the flag of the opposing team, which will be at the base of the enemy, and transporting it to your base. At the end of the game, the one who most often carried the flag to its base, would win the game.















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