Fallout 4 cheats for PS4

Here are a series of aids, tips, extras and much more about Fallout 4 for PS4. The saga continues in this game full of action, what the Wasteland will bring us this time will not be easy, so from trucoteca we help you to complete this game better.

Ammo and infinite money:

Now we teach you how to obtain ammo and money infinitely every 24 hours, for this the only thing we must do is follow the steps that we show below and that is in the description of the video.

Nuka-Nuke rocket launcher (Nuka World):

Now we show you how to get the powerful Nuka-Nuke rocket launcher, to get the first one you must locate the mission to locate Crappy de Sierra, once you get it you can get the rocket launcher without problems, you just have to follow the instructions of the video and it will be yours .

Location of the Medallions (Nuka World):

In this video we will see all the locations of the medallions that we will get from the red vending machines, in the video it is shown how to get each of the medals in the Nuka World DLC, pay attention and get them all.

Location Armor (Nuka World):

Now we show you how to get this piece of armor that will undoubtedly make your life easier in Fallout 4, to get it we must reach the location shown in the video, once there we will see the armor but the door is locked, to to unlock it you must follow the instructions of the video and that way you will open the door and then return to take the armor and leave there with it on.

Alien Blaster:

Now we show you how to get this powerful weapon of aliens in Fallout 4, The first thing we should do is find the Malden school that is in the Commonwealth, in the basement is the shelter 75 that appears for the first time in Fallout 4, then we will touch clean the whole refuge of enemies, in the shelter we will see a figure that will improve our abilities, once this is done we return to the Wasteland, towards the west as if we were going to the Oberland station, circling in that direction we will see an event, sooner or later it will leave , we will see a spaceship that is about to crash, then run to the distillery and you will find the crashed ship, all you have to do is kill the alien and search its body, we will have the weapon,but good advice since the ammunition of this weapon is very difficult to find, so it is best to take it to a workbench and modify the ammunition to fusion cells.


Here you have a video of how to get one of the best weapons in the game, all we have to do is retrace our steps as explained in the video once we have our beloved canine meatball companion, and he will give it to us as the video looks .


If we increase the ability to force locks and hack terminals it is very useful, because thanks to this ability we can enter areas that are locked. Since the ammunition is somewhat scarcer than in previous versions the skill of the journalist can be quite useful, since thanks to this ability we will have a little more ammunition although it will never be enough. If we increase the Action Boy, we will see that the action points regenerate us much faster. When leaving the shelter, when we see our house we can find a book at the end of the hall to the right in the room that will raise a SPECIAL point of the skill that we want. Do not go exploring as soon as you leave the shelter or we will die in the face of the dangers of the wilderness, the best option is to focus on the missions of history until you have a slightly more decent team to explore. Saving the game may be more important than it seems, as it is a game that introduces us so much to the adventure, we may forget to save on some occasion and then end up with us, therefore try to save often to avoid having to Repeat everything if we fail. As we move forward we will see locked doors, stalls and much more that we will not be able to open, for now, stay well with the area they are in to be able to return when we are more advanced as they can hide great rewards. The posters of the streets or those painted on the walls can be very helpful when deciding what to do, we can see many posters throughout the game, but be careful with them that can be traps or very dangerous areas, explore carefully . Using the VATS button can save our lives on more than one occasion, since it shows us where the enemies or the mines can be, and thus avoid being surprised or in the worst case they end up with us. If we successfully carry out the Cambridge mission of the police station, they will give us a very powerful weapon at the end of it, and we will also have access to the Brotherhood of Steel, so we are interested in doing it as soon as possible to increase our weapons equipment. It is very important to know the weaknesses of each enemy, since they will facilitate us to survive in each battle, for example the humans, we must make shots to the head to finish faster with them, or to the arm where they have the weapon, the stalkers on the other hand the best option is to shoot at the legs since they will break easily, but instead the robots are easier if we use pulse or plasma weapons, and be very careful with the suicide mutants, since they will explode when you touch, if we shoot at your Right arm we will explode before it reaches us. Throughout history we will encounter enemies that can be seen with a skull or star where the level, that means that they are higher in level than you in the case of the skull and legendary in the case of the star, they are quite difficult to kill, but if you think you can with them, kill them, as they release objects better than normal. You can equip your teammates, so don't be greedy and give them good items, since this way they will help you a lot better, but never give them explosives or use them at the worst times and they won't see if you're near them. Your faithful friend and fellow meatball is a good ally, use it from time to time to search the area where you are, you never know what you can find with your nose, from ammunition, fat mans, etc. Stealth is very important in this game, learn to use it well, when we are in a situation of stealth, the word hidden in square brackets will appear, if we see that they turn towards the red is that they are about to discover us. Beware of cars at the time of a fight, the cars in this game explode, and you would not like to be close when that happens, if they attack you, do not cover yourself in any car since when they shoot a certain amount of bullets it ends up exploding We must take special care with radiation, since it can kill us, throughout the game we will see radiation storms, so if we use the fast trip we can get rid of them, we can also get a gas mask or a anti-radiation suit

Donkey Kong minigame:

Now we leave you a video where we explain how to play the Donkey Kong mini game in fallout 4, where all we have to do is follow the steps below to play this extra fun.

Get Easy Adhesive:

We show you how to get adhesive quickly and easily with a new video where we explain how to get it.

How to jump great distances without dying:

Sometimes we want to get somewhere, but we can not stop because there is a big fall, well that will not be a problem, because if we throw ourselves, and just before touching the ground we save the game, when loading the game we will appear right in the soil, is a good trick to cut when looking for new areas, and save us travel times.

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