Now we show you a series of aids and guides of Clash Royale for Android, the game of the creators of Clash of Clans that now puts us in front of battles in which we must destroy three towers through our deck of cards with different characters, a game that will give us many hours of fun, and from Trucoteca we want to help you enjoy to the fullest, and that's why we teach you how to improve.


-If we see that an enemy sends us an attack to destroy some of our towers, such as a Golem, or a PEKKA, it is very possible that before our nervousness it is to try to counter it with some card of great power or cost of elixir, this It will be our first mistake, if we wait for the enemy to enter the range of our tower, we can distract him with a card that has a lower cost and so our tower does the rest. -You should never wait to attack if you already have the elixir to the maximum, some players usually wait to see what attack the opponent makes in the first place, but if you reach the maximum of elixir and continue waiting you will be losing elixir, so if at some point you reach ten of elixir you must use some card to not lose elixir to the fool. -Try to always have more elixir than your enemy, it sounds obvious and easy, but to get it we have to try to eliminate the enemy's cards with lower cost cards, for example if the enemy throws a horde of minions that cost 5, we can counter it with the rain of arrows that costs us only 3, or if the enemy launches an attack of magician and barbarians we can counter it with the fireball since he will spend 10 and we only 4, if we get this kind of advantages it is almost impossible to lose . -Be careful with your attacks, because if you go crazy and attack with everything you have a tower your opponent may repel it and throw you a rider or a Montapuercos with what will destroy your tower and you will not have to elixir with which to counteract said attack and you can already give up your game. -If in a game you see that you have a damaged tower, I recommend that you launch your attacks in that area, in this way while your attacks advance on that side you will keep your tower protected for longer which will give you some advantage. -Learn how to use the cards you have, it is no use throwing a rain of arrows at a Golem for example, take the opportunity to throw them into a horde of enemies or a barrel of goblins. on the contrary if we see that the enemy has thrown his rain of arrows, it is time to throw our minions, since he will not be able to counteract it with the arrows. -A good way to learn is by watching the most experienced players, in the game we have a tab called TV Royale where we can see the best players play their games, as long as we can we can see their games to learn something new. -Not for having more epic or legendary cards we ensure victory, since the common cards are very powerful, since it has a low cost of elixir and they are easy to increase in level, if we combine them with rare or epic cards we will increase our possibility to win. -As long as we can we should try to use our team cards, each card is individual, but we can always combine it and throw two or three cards at the same time, achieving a stronger attack, for example we can use a Golem, which in itself is slow and sometimes it does not reach the target, but if we launch the Golem with the archers or another type of attack it can be very useful, another option is to use the Montapuercos with freezing, and see how it destroys the enemy. -When we are preparing our deck, we can see the average elixir it has, so we must be careful so that our deck is not too high, a good average of elixir is between 4 and 5. -We must be careful when spending gems, as we play we will earn gems, if for example we want a silver chest instantly we will have to pay 35 gems, while if we get the chests through battles, which is quite easy , we can spend only 18 to open it, so it is better. -Clash Royale is an online game, so it usually has updates and patches to make some changes, when you see an update, take a while to read what cards have improved or which cards have gone down, since we may have to make some changes in our deck. -Don't think that all the cards that are legendary will be the best you can use, check your deck first, in this game a card alone can be destroyed very easily, you must implement each card well with another to make real combos of destruction . - A good option is if you have the lava hound, (legendary card) is to use it with the barrel of goblins, since it endures enough damage if you wait at the right time your goblins can throw the tower if the enemy misleads the least. -The first hand of cards that we have at the start of the game is random, if you see that you do not have good attack cards in your first hand wait for the enemy to attack, that way you will be able to save some elixir and you can counterattack easily.
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