Game Dev Tycoon cheats for PC

Here are a series of tips / tricks from Game Dev Tycon for PC and that will definitely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Get the matching prize of the year:

This can be a bit difficult but not impossible task. As for qualifications, your degree must get at least 10 and the others must be 9.

The sequels have a better chance to win the matching award of the year. Make sure all your employees are rested and have the best preparation. Do not use employees for work that does not have much experience or is not theirs.

Buy all items from the seller to add extra points. The fun of the title must reach 300 points and the others need to reach 100.

Make sure you promote your game well with the best possible advertising.

Create your own console:

The key to creating a console is to have a Hardware Engineer on your computer, otherwise you will not be able to build it. Hiring a hardware engineer is very complicated, to get it one of your employees must have all the other jobs at level 5. Change your profession, and you will find Hardware Engineer among the options.

If you want to hire him, you must first win two very important prizes and then he will appear among the candidates to work in your study.

Tips for better employees:

If you hire them with a low level you will have to invest more time and money to form it.

To specialize they must reach level 7 and have at least 720 design or 720 technology. Specialization is the key to better games, as they specialize in gameplays, world design, artificial intelligence, try to have one of each and you can also specialize.

To improve their training, do them training, but do not do them when you are making a game because the workforce is reduced in the time of creation of the game and that affects less design and less technology of the game.

Send them to rest as soon as you can and never when you're playing a game.

Use the Boost, it makes them work faster.

Tips for best games:

Do not fear the Sagas, but only do them when you have improved your engine or have improved a lot of some of the features (graphics, sound, gameplay etc ...) this is achieved by having them work more on making engines and games.

When you are creating a game and if you have specialists, assign them to their work, so if you have a gameplay or gameplay specialist, use it right in that programming and not in anything else, it will do much better than the others since it is their specialty.

Ideally, specialists have turbo or Boost to go faster, and launch it just when you see that in the bar of creation of the game for example put "world design" you put the turbo to the employee who is a specialist in that field.

Look for new themes and new mixes of types of games, you will gain more knowledge points and it will be a better or at least original game, sometimes the market seeks to be surprised.

If you get a message that a type of game is on the rise, just go for it if you can start the game immediately, if you still have time to start a new game you will not arrive on time.

SPECIALIZE SPECIALIZE AND SPECIALIZE, the best games are better because they are better made.

Launch the JUSTO game advertising campaign before ending the game, then you can't.

Beware of MMO games, since they require servers and it is a monthly expense, I have lost millions and ruined myself for not being attentive to the graphics. If a game sells little and has many more expenses than benefits, close it. If it is a game that has left money in abundance, you can make expansions and revitalize the sales of the game, but watch the server costs.

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