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Traps and tips Mafia III PC

Now we leave you with information about Mafia III for PC, the fantastic saga returns more pissed off than ever, with unlimited action and many shootings in the city of New Bourdeaux in 1968, in this impressive title of open world.


We met in 1968, when our African-American protagonist Lincoln Clay returns home after the Vietnam War, and discovers that his friends have been killed by the local mafia of the place, our prota will have to ally with different characters to carry out his revenge plan in order to free his city from this terrible and catastrophic mafia, the story begins when the 2 bands, the black mafia and the Italian agree to dock a federal defense in exchange for sharing the benefits, but the Italians betray and end up killing them all, and our protagonist will be hurt, here begins our story.


To get the arms dealer we must get Cassandra, near the beginning of the game, when you get Cassandra you will unlock the arms dealer and with it you can buy weapons of all kinds, resources and improvements for your character and his cars, activate the This dealer's service is free and you can use it as many times as you want but you will always have to pay money if you want to buy something.

Make money:

In Mafia III, money is very useful since it is used to buy everything from vehicles, weapons, objects, food etc., so it is good to know how to manage money well and how to get all the money possible to improve to the maximum, and That is why we will give you some tips so you can win as much as possible.

- Whenever you can keep your money in the safe, that way every time you die in a mission or kill some enemy you will not lose the money you carry, as you will surely die in some missions.

- Each enemy you kill will drop some money, an average of $ 50, this out of the city within the city we can get something else, so take advantage of taking all the money your enemies release.

- Try not to spend a lot of money on buying ammunition, you can get ammo from gun trucks, and in this way save some money on ammunition, so it is worth looking for these trucks to reload your loaders.

- When you reach $ 140,000 you are unlocked an ability to put an ally to collect all your bribes, this saves you a lot of time also guarantees you a more stable income of money and takes away one more worry.

- Sometimes you will see a black car driving through the city, if it appears in the minimap with a red dot you must go for it, use a grenade to kill the enemies inside, once you finish them you just have to pick up the bag of money that has between 3000 and 5000.


In this new installment of Mafia III we have a total of 250 collectibles, they are not few, and they are of different objects, we have 89 distribution boxes, 50 Playboy magazines, 33 Vargas paintings, 30 album covers, 12 Hot Rod magazines, 31 Communist propaganda poster and 5 Repent magazines, you will have to get them all if you want to complete the game 100%.

Distribution Boxes:

As we said before, there are 89 distribution boxes that we have spread across the great map of Mafia III, and now we will tell you how many you can get in the different areas of this great map, that if you will have to look for them well.

Delray Hollow:
We have 5 boxes to find.

River Row:
Here we can find 9 boxes.

Pointe Verdun:
7 These are the boxes that we can find.

Barclay Mills:
We have 10 boxes to find.

Another 10 boxes to look for.

Tickfaw Harbor:
Look for 9 boxes in this area.

Frisco Fields:
Here we have 11 boxes to find.

French Ward: There
are 9 boxes that we can look for.

A total of 9 boxes are the ones we have.

The bayou:
The last 10 boxes are in this area.

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