12 Last Shelter Tips: Survival to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Be the last man alive on Earth and survive the zombie apocalypse: this is your mission in Last Shelter: Survival . But of course this is not a simple task to perform. Facing huge hordes of zombies while gathering resources and setting up an organized base is labor intensive and requires strategy and above all patience. So in this article we bring some necessary tips for those who are starting in this mobile game. Here's a complete guide that will make you the greatest survivor the world has ever seen!

1. Leave the base organized

Set up a base everyone knows. Erecting random buildings anyway, however, is not enough in Last Shelter: Survival . As much as it may seem, this is a game that requires strategy and planning. So even if you can't build many buildings early in the game, try to think about how you want your base to look. This is important so that you can have your entire road system ready before buildings. This will make it easier for trucks to take builders across the base. If the roads are not built, the vehicles take longer to move. Still in terms of road, do not build a very complex network of roads. In addition to delaying the construction of buildings essential to their survival, vehicles will surely waste more fuel as they travel longer. And, as you know, time is money, unfortunately.

2. Search for resource boxes

Especially at the beginning you will need more resources all the time. After all raising your defenses and preparing your attacks requires something in return. One option is to use the trucks to search for resource boxes that are available throughout the base. Just tap one of the boxes and a vehicle will automatically collect everything you need there. This is the easiest and safest way to get resources in Last Shelter: Survival . Just make sure your deposits aren't full, so you won't waste a box for nothing.

3. Speed ??up your evolution with the help of screen shortcuts

You have already noticed that everything in Last Shelter: Survival is related to completing as many tasks as possible in the shortest time. This is made easier by the presence of shortcuts on screen. The game gives you access to just about everything with just a shortcut button. This is taught right in the tutorial, and this is a lesson that should not be missed. As the base expands, it is normal for it to start getting more complicated and time consuming to reach the places you need to reach. These shortcut buttons give you the option of reaching any building, mission, or task in just one tap. That way you can handle everything without getting lost and end up with some kind of injury.

4. Use the zombies to get money

At the bottom of the screen is a large radio at its base. It serves to lure zombies towards you. If you do, your troops will shoot anything that moves outside their lines of defense. All dead zombies leave money behind, and as soon as the entire horde of creatures are eliminated, you get a box with more money. This option given by the game is very good to earn extra money and for free. After use, the sound needs to cool slightly before being used again.

5. Make alliances

Making alliances is essential to surviving a zombie apocalypse. In Last Shelter this is one of the first things you should worry about. Alliances guarantee you many benefits as long as they are active. You can ask for advice, you can ask for resources, and you can even ask allies to speed up building your base. This last case is very useful for those starting out in the game. To ask for this help is very simple. As soon as you join an alliance on the list, you will see that on top of your buildings under construction appears a symbol: one hand shaking the other. Clicking on this symbol will send a request for help to an active member of your alliance. In the guild menu you can also get rewards that are given to you for being an active member. But don't worry about checking this menu all the time. A red dot appears on it whenever there is a reward to be withdrawn or if there is an alliance task to be done. Also, once you are sure that this is the alliance you want to be part of, there is the option of Teleportation. This option allows you to travel immediately to where your allies are. This makes it easier to send and earn resources and grants. Something very important when the initial protective barrier breaks down and you are open to attack.

6. Check Your Mailbox

Another icon that should not be ignored is that of the message box. The main communications from the game system, from developers and even from allies come from there. Whenever there is an unread message a red dot will appear above the icon. Remember to look at this everyday. Sometimes there are special events from which you can make some profits and the system tells you only about there. Some items and rewards are also sent there, not directly to inventory.

7. Be sure to use your Heroes

At the very beginning of the game you get a Hero, who will be assigned as leader of your army. The moment you get more than one Hero, you need to build a Management Center. Each Hero has a unique ability that can be used in some role within his base. You can assign Nora, for example, her second Heroine, to the farm, as she increases food production. Recruit as many Heroes as you can, always paying attention to your skills so you can increase the success and productivity of your base.

8. March with your army

You can't wait all the time for the zombies or for something to happen. In addition to a strategy and survival game, Last Shelter: Survival is also an action game. Then click the World button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will be taken to the world map , where you can see the locations of resources, zombies, and neighboring bases. Here you can take a number of actions. It is possible to attack bases that do not belong to your alliance, for example. If you want you can also attack zombies for resources and experience. There are resource fields that can be mastered and resources collected. For all this to be done, you must march with your army. At first it is possible to have only one troop. Once you release more groups of soldiers, you can send them on different missions all over the map. Be sure to do so, as this is a way of keeping a constant input of resources and experience.

9. Enter Events and Earn Rewards

Remember we mentioned that the system can send you news about the emergence of events within the game? Well In the upper right corner there is a special icon for Events. If you click there you can find out which events are currently occurring and which ones will start soon. Games like Last Shelter: Survival tend to greatly benefit those players who participate in their Events. There are good rewards in terms of money and resources, as well as Diamonds. The Daily Challenge is one of the easiest and unmissable, as it is usually related to everyday tasks such as resource gathering or building base developments.

10. Prepare to lose base protection

From the beginning, players need to know that they have invisible protection around their base. It prevents enemies from invading your base, not only powerful zombies, but especially other players. The problem is that once you reach base level 6, this invisible barrier drops and you get it on the attack map of the other players . Keeping this in mind is very important. The tutorial phase takes you exactly to level 6, so don't complete the last mission of this tutorial before making sure you've done some very important things. The first one is to click on the build menu. Make sure all buildings are built and all of them have received their maximum upgrades to the current base level. Also, train as many troops as you can. Verifying that there is nothing left to evolve and that you have trained all the soldiers you could, you can send your base to level 6.

11. Choose Your Class Wisely

At the end of the tutorial you are presented with the possibility to choose a class from three. In English, it's Trader, Farmer and Raider. Of course each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. Traders will focus on getting money. Farmers will focus on production and resource collection. The Raiders, in turn, will be the military. It is important to read the descriptions of all classes well so that you do not make the wrong choice. We recommend that those who do not have much experience in this type of game do not try to focus on money or war actions. They must therefore choose to be Farmers. As a Farmer, you will have deposit protection, which eliminates the need to raid neighboring bases for resources. After level 10, however, it is possible to change classes if you are not satisfied with yours.

12. Don't Lose Your Progress

The last act every beginner in Last Shelter: Survival needs to do is to link their account to the game developer. Mobile games often offer this option, so you don't lose progress if you switch phones. There is a button that appears whenever you try to exit the game, which allows you to connect your account to the IM30. Just enter your email, create a password and you're done. You will receive an email asking you to confirm it. Once this is done, your progress will always be saved. In addition, you get a bonus of 100 diamonds.

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