Free Fire, PUBG or Fortnite: know which one consumes less internet

Check out our free data consumption test from Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile and find out which Battle Royale spends the least amount of internet. Playing these games without a Wi-Fi connection is not absurd as many people think, but not everyone spends little internet. In fact, data consumption per game is low . There are different variables that can increase or decrease your consumption while playing, depending also on the game itself. Check out our test!

Mobile data consumption for Battle Royale Mobile

Time Free Fire PUBG Mobile Fortnite Mobile
5 minutes 2.84 MB 2.54 MB 4.1 MB
10 minutes 5.69 MB 5.08 MB 9.2 MB
15 minutes 7.51 MB 6.77 MB 12.3 MB
20 minutes 11.48 MB 10.06 MB 16.5 MB
30 minutes 15.20 MB 14.2 MB 24.6 MB
60 minutes 30.6 MB 28.06 MB 50.3 MB
120 minutes 61.2 MB 57.03 MB 101.5 MB
The PUBG Mobile is the Battle Royale spending less mobile data. Despite being very close to Free Fire, you can easily make three matches (about 60 minutes) without spending 30 MB. On the other hand, Fortnite Mobile spends a lot more mobile data and we recommend that you always play with Wi-Fi connection. We tested data consumption using the Data Usage app to measure mobile data consumption. All of these tests were performed in Solo mode, in different matches. These spent data are approximate , as they can vary according to several factors, including on the same network and on the same device. Check the table, if you play an hour a day, every day of the month, you will need 900 MB to 1.5 GB available. Remember that YouTube, for example, can spend more than 240MB per hour if you use the standard definition (480p) Attention: if you play Duo or Squad, using the computer, you can spend slightly more data, due to the greater amount of information you are putting on the server. Discover the differences between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile! Learn how to download and install Fortnite on your phone

What spends more data on a game?

Playing online has a low consumption of mobile data compared to watching videos, for example. After the game is installed on the player's device, the information exchanged between that device and the server is simple. However, watching HD video requires that each frame of the video be rendered and transmitted. However, in any game, all graphics and textures, however good they are, are generated on the hardware (cell phone, computer, console) and only simple information is exchanged between this device and the game server: basically, just its position and actions. This information is minimal, using only numeric characters and plain text. In short, downloading your graphs won't make you consume less data. In games with Squad mode, where it is sometimes necessary to use your microphone (VOIP), you will spend more data . This is natural, because in addition to stock and position information, your orders are also being transmitted, yelling at your squad mates who died by bursting without thinking. Sound familiar?

Tips for not breaking the mobile data limit

If your internet operator has a data limit, follow these tips to control your consumption.
  • Make updates only on Wi-Fi; you can choose apps manually for this function.
  • Game installation files are usually heavy; download only on Wi-Fi.
  • Create consumption limits for each app.
  • Do you like listening to music on your device? Use local files or download music.
  • Avoid watching videos using the mobile network.
Now that you know the internet consumption, it's time to play in the ranked. Discover all Free Fire patents and PUBG Mobile patents and learn how to get up.

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