Fortnite Battle Royale: know where to find the hidden chests!

The chests in Fortnite Battle Royale are scattered across the map in small structures like huts and barns. However, the most valuable ones are usually hidden in large houses or industrial areas and opening one of these chests can bring epic or legendary items! There are places on the map where you find more than one of these chests and if you manage to get them you will gain an advantage over your enemies during the game.

First know the map zones

Now find the locations loaded with chests


There is a secret room in a tunnel located in the center of the northeast section of the map, east of the Lago do Saque zone . There is a potential double chest location. To find this room, you are going to make some noise, so it is useful to make sure that no one saw you enter the tunnel. Approach the south entrance, keeping to the left. When you find an abandoned vehicle in front of you, under an arch, look for the left side wall. As soon as you undermine it a few times, it will disappear, giving way to a secret room. Inside, you will possibly find two chests.

House in Pleasant Park

To the southwest of Parque Pleasant , you find a house isolated by large trees where a chest usually hides. Its location is quite central on the map, so it is not usually visited by many players. Enter the house and go up the stairs to the top. As soon as you get the chest there, go back down and look at the wall. You will find a crack at the bottom right of the wall , mine this part until you make your way to a secret room, where the second chest will be. It is not mandatory to build a ramp to enter this place, you can simply jump from the stairs to the entrance to the secret room.

Northeast Tower

In the northeastern section of the map there are many chests you can pick up, but your biggest chance of success is in a tower above Wailing Grove . In this place two chests will appear and, sometimes, a third one. In addition, there are several ammunition, resources and items scattered on the floor of the first floor. To access all of these things, you will have to build a ramp that will take you to the top of the tower and undermine the ceiling until you go down one level. When you do, mine the wall behind the stairs to access a secret platform. Continue down to the first floor and open the door on the left to find another chest. Finally, exit the building and head northwest until you find an ice cream cart on top of a hill . There, you can find up to two chests hidden by the side of the van or on its roof.

Two houses

If you go down the hill where you found the ice cream cart, you will see two houses close together . Both usually have chests in the attic, but you can also find them in an underground room. Approach the building that has an entrance to a cellar. Then, mine through that trapdoor until you reach the underground room to get a chest. Now, you can enter the house and go up to the top floor, where you will find a wall. Through it you will be able to see the hidden chest . Mine that wall to get it. Then, you can go to the house next door, where you will find another crack in the wall upstairs. Here, you will have to build a ramp to reach the chest. Finally, you can still use the barn in front of the two houses to find a chest that is hidden in an underground room.

Greasy Grove

There is a building in Bosque Gorduroso that can have up to three chests. In order to be able to catch them before the other players, try to get there during your landing. Then, immediately mine the floor on the left side of the building (where the ceiling looks like a smaller square ) until you fall into a secret room with a chest. When you catch him, mine the wall behind him to enter the main building. On the right side, you will find a room with the indication “GUNS” . Enter and jump over the counter to find the other chests.

Barn roof

To the east of Via do Varejo , you will find a group of rural buildings surrounded by a fence. In the center of this cluster there is a large barn and on its roof there is a place that normally has 2 chests. However, you can only access this location from the roof of the barn, so you will have to build a ramp on the side of the building to get there.

Misty Mire

In this wetland there is a high probability of picking up chests stuffed in the central tree. There are also other items scattered around the area. The mud will slow your movements so try to be discreet until you get elite weaponry.

Truck Scrap

This bizarre scrap is in the south of the map, near Campos Fatais . On top of some trucks you can find cool chests but be careful as it is open field. If necessary, build a ramp to catch everything more safely.

Detonated Bus

This bus can be found on a hill, very close to Minas Matreiras. It is common to have at least one chest, but there may be more. You can get a good view of the surrounding land and are close to Torres Tortas and Fontes Salgadas.

House on the North Coast

These two houses are quite far from the center of the map, so, depending on the bus route, they are a very safe place to start your collection. Start with the ruined house as it is most likely to have a stuffed chest. It is not a very popular place but it is worth a visit. Now that you know where the chests are, check out the best tips to survive!

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