6 basic tips to become an excellent farmer on Hay Day

Managing a farm is not an easy task, so we found some good tips for running Hay Day well. Your main character inherited a ruined farm that you will have to turn into a very profitable business. But where to start? How to manage your resources? How to sell your crops and what to do to gain more experience? What animals can you buy to have on your farm? Here are some valuable tips for solving these initial problems:

1. Follow Mr. Wicker's advice

This scarecrow named Mr. Wicker is your guide during your early hours of the game. Because when your protagonist inherits the farm, there is a lot to do. It is necessary to learn how to harvest, sow, store crops in the silo and paint the farm buildings. It is also necessary to know well the animals that you can house on your farm. It is necessary to feed the animals to produce milk or eggs and it is important to know which products to prepare with your crops. Fortunately, Mr. Wicker is always there to help with the basics and introduce Hay Day's charming characters.

2. Don't forget to feed your animals

At first, it seems simple to manage a farm with some chickens. But then you will have cows, pigs, horses, guard dogs and lots of sheep. If you want these animals to produce milk, eggs, wool and meat, there is absolutely no shortage of feed. If the animals are curling, it is time to feed them. Grow wheat, corn, soybeans and other cereals. If you don't want to spend resources on preparing feed, check the farm's mailbox to find and buy feed from other farmers.

3. Sell your products to Farm visitors

To make money on Hay Day it is not enough to deliver with the truck. Throughout the day, your farm will have many visitors. It's not just Greg, your neighbor from whom you can buy tools to remove stones or cut trees on your land. Other friendly characters will visit you, some want bread, others want soy, others will want lots of eggs. Satisfy their requests as well to earn some more money or experience. You can refuse requests, but go about your chores calmly because they don't mind waiting.

4. Enter the house to check your achievements

Did you know that there are at least 141 achievements to complete when you start the Hay Day challenge? Visit the house frequently to see what you need to do to get the achievements. Your home is renovated whenever you complete a new achievement. Achievements are important to gain experience to level up and earn diamonds to speed up crop production, milk production or the construction of new buildings on the farm without spending money.

5. Increase the capacity of the Silo and the Granary

The Silo is where all your cereals are kept. The barn where you store eggs, feed bags, milk and construction tools. With more animals and more land to cultivate, the space will shrink considerably. Improvement materials are needed to double storage capacity. You can obtain these materials through four methods : harvesting crops, collecting animal products, buying materials on Greg's farm or consulting the newspaper to buy from other farmers.

6. Consult the newspaper to find the best deals

One of the coolest news about Hay Day is the possibility of having his small shop close to the road to sell his products to other farmers. You can adjust the quantity and even adjust the sales price to become more competitive. Next to your little shop, there is a mailbox with a newspaper full of ads from many players with their Hay Day farms. We recommend that you check that newspaper frequently to buy cereals, eggs and other products at a good price. Learn how to become a rich farmer on Hay Day!

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