100 Artemas: To get 100 Artema magic there are several methods: If you end up with the Artema Entity, you may have 100 Artema Stones. (1 Artema Stone = 1 Artema Magic) Each letter of the Artema Entity can be transformed into 1 Artema Stone There are Magma Artema Extraction Points at: CD2: FH-> House of Chief Dobe (Going down the hall next to the save side) It's Hidden. Shumi- People> Entrance. You have to pay 5000 Guiles. CD3: Lunatic pandora-> It is not hidden. Ship of War Island-> Oceanic Ruins. It is not hidden. CD4: Artemis Castle-> Armeria, Hidden A Pure Energy = 3 Artemas; 1 Dark matter = 100 Artemas The last thing is: Near the Chocobo Paradise there are several islands, one of the closest to the coast and that is a little to the north is the Island closest to the paradise, using the skill No Meeting of the GF Diablo you will not face any of the creatures that exist, throughout the island there are several magic points that link very well (Sanctus, Tornado, Aura, Fulgor, Meteo and Artema), although it is a bit slow in the end you will have 100 Artemas for each Character. 100 Heros: To charge the worst enemies, take the card from the lagoon and with the ability of QUETZALCOATL you transform it into 100 HEROS. 100 Ultimate Magic: You can go to the island closest to the paradise that is close to Esthar and there are many hidden extraction points with very strong magic as last, you could also get 100 last stones by defeating Ultima Weapon (Omega Weapon's wife ) and converts them into 100 ultimate magic with the ability of the gfs. 1,000,000 life: You have to go to Eden with physical attacks nothing special and steal until you have nothing. More powerful weapons: To have the most powerful weapons of all the characters even more powerful than the infallible, lionheart, eghreiz, etc. you have to get in order the 1st weapon, the 3rd and the last of all and then with gunsmith to order in Esthar He puts you some new weapons. Ionic bullets: In the ability ammunition of the GF. Ifrit, convert 3 laser cannons, 2 pure energies or 1 generator. Defeat Omega Weapon: In the castle of Ultimecia and it is: 1. When you arrive in space, win the letter from Laguna to Elleone. 2. Turn the card into 100 heros (or heroic salts) with the quetzal ability. 3. Reach level 100 with squall, or if you have the game shark for ps use the trick of max exp squall and max strenght (strength). You will start at level 100 with untrained squall. 4. In the castle obtain the ability of item (object) and Limit break (defeat limit) defeating two servants of the witch ultimecia (Artemis in Spanish). 5. Equip yourself with the ability of devil none encounters and find yourself at the source with the squall group and it can be with Irvine or with whomever you want. 6. Change equipment and go to the room where the bell is (you are climbing the stairs at the beginning of the castle and turn right and enter the door) now ring the bell (with the rope which you will have to place in the bottom left corner), when you touch it you will have 50 seconds to go for Omega. 7. Quickly change the Squall group in the green circle of the room. 8. With Squall pass the source and in the room of the organ will be Omega Weapon ready to eliminate you. 9. When the battle begins Omega will throw you death level 5 (death level 5) before moving, rarely fails with that attack but if you have 100 death in the state defense you will not die. 10. With squall you must enter the fight with its life points in bone yellow at 500 or so so that the limit of the renzokuken follows. 11. Quickly use the heroic salt in Squall and in one of your classmates so that if somebody has no effect on the salt, the other will immediately apply another salt or resurrect it there because Omega can only take 9999 from an attack. . invincible 12. Now wait Squall's turn and leave the limit (must leave followed because having life points in yellow) but leaves the limit press to skip the turn and right there when you return the shift should leave Squall the limit. 13. If you have the strength of 255 (it is the maximum strength) and without having the leonheart sword you can with the limit of Squall take 25000 with each turn to Omega. 14. So keep giving Omega with the limit of Squall and in 20 minutes Omega will be history, it seems hard especially that Omega has about hp about 300,000 points but if you know how to use heroic salts it will not give you any problem. Note: If you don't have the game shark: link 100 ultimate magic (artema) in the strength link to Squall and if you don't have 255 strength then use the GF's abilities like str + 40, str + 80, etc. Defeat monsters: You already know that on the island closest to hell you gain a lot of experience. But there is a very easy way to defeat the monsters that inhabit there. Equip with the ability of Eolo initiative to Quistis and leave it with life in yellow (preferably fight against some easy monsters and attack Quistis until leaving it in critical condition). Then go to the island closest to hell and, having the initiative skill, you will start attacking with Quistis. The first thing you should do is get the limit to come out (by pressing repeatedly until the arrow shows that you can use the limit). Then use the Disintegrator limit that you can learn using a black hole that is obtained from Guesper. Disintegrating with the Lionheart: You have to go from sword to sword, 1st with the 1st sword, then with the 2nd sword ... and so on to the lionheart. You cannot disintegrate the GF or the bosses. Find the most important cards: There are two ways to get the GF Eden. The first is from the Artema Entity, which is at the end of the underwater research laboratory, in the oceanic ruins and the other is from Tiamant, on the 4 CD, in the castle of Artemis, which is inside the big clock, and you have to get on the pendulum. The situation of some cards is as follows: ALEXANDER: Piet at the Lunarside base. ANGEL: Watts has it, on the Forest Owl train. BAHAMUT: Defeat Bahamut. CARBUNCLE: CC Heart. CEREBRUS: Defeat Cerebrus. CHICOBO: Call four Large Chocobo in the six forests, then continue on the Chocobo Shrine. DEVILS: Defeat Devils (Use the Magic Lamp obtained from Cid to find it). DOOMTRAIN: Timber Pub barista EDEA: Edea has her at the orphanage. EDEN: Defeat Ultima Weapon. EOLO: The owner of the Hotel de Balamb has it, it's on the street. FAT CHOCOBO: Man in front of Balamb Library (Queen of Cards Quest). GILGAMESH: It has CC King (queen). HELLTRAIN: Barber of the Timber Pub (Queen of Cards quest). IRVINE: Flo (QoC quest). IFRIT: Defeat Ifrit. KIROS: Man in black dress at the Deling mall (Queen of Cards quest). LAGUNA: Ellone at the Lunarside base. LEVIATHAN: The CC Joker has it. MINIMOG OR MOGURITO: It has a boy who walks around Balamb Garden. ODIN: Defeat Odin. PANDEMONA: The neighbors of Zell. PHOENIX: Esthar presidential assistant (Queen of Cards quest). QUEZACOTL: FH Mayor Dobe. QUISTIS: Trepe Fan Club in Balamb Garden. It has the fan No. 1 in the dining room of the garden of Balamb. RINOA: His father has it but he only takes it out to play when you give him the Ifrit card, you get it again in FH. RUBI: The CC has a heart (it's Xu). SECRET AND MINOTAUR: Defeat Brothers. SEIFER: The Director Cid Kramer has it. SELPHIE: Her sister in Trabia's garden is sitting at the fountain. SHIVA: Zone has it on the White Seeds ship, but you have to give it an item that you find at the headquarters of Timber Maniacs (Timber). SIRENA: The Card Master has it on the second floor of the Dollet Pub. SQUALL: Lagoon of the Esthar residence. TOMBERI: On the same site as Odin, kill 20 Tomberis and King Tomberi will come out, defeat him. WARD: Dr. Odine has it in Esthar's lab. ZELL: Zell's mother has her, in the city of Balamb. Sword that removes 9999 life points: Squeeze . When you leave vibration On / Off, press            . A child gives you a sword that removes 9999 life points. NOTE: It does not work on all versions. Experience and fast PHS: If you want to get PH quickly, go to the island of Cactilio, an island that is located to the South-East of Centra, in front of the continent, there the cactils inhabit, each cactilio has very little vitality, but a lot EVS, for each dead cactil you will receive 20 PH. To get EXp quickly you go to the Island closest to hell, it is very easy to find it, simply, you go to the westernmost point (Left) of the continent of Gabaldia, which is a small island, there are the strongest monsters, for Each one you eliminate will give you an amount of experience that can vary from 300 points to more than 1500. Keep in mind that they are also very strong monsters. Rinoa Fairy Skill: Until she dies or is petrified you can't control Rinoa. His magical power will be five times more powerful than usual. It will cast random spells of all kinds, these will not be discounted from those stored. Rinoa is immune against negative states such as Silence, Confusion, Poison, etc. Helltrain: This GF can only be grabbed in 3cd, you have to go to Tear's Point after the adventure in space and take Salomon's ring. Then you must get 6 panaceas + or 6 remedis + is the same, 6 tentacles of malbol and 6 iron tubes. 6 remedis +: to get more remedies you have to have the ability of Alexander medicine leven up. This is one of Alexander's two medical skills, for the most part we do not have it because we need to fill skills or we have full skills because we have put extra things, such as magic 60% etc. if so, you have to put the green anesthesia to eliminate skills, to obtain 6 remedies + you need 60 normal remedies. 6 tentacles of molbol or malborot: you can remove them by defeating them or with the ability to snatch or mug steal them. 6 iron pipes: steal them from the beggars with the mug ability. to the beasts in the forest entering the place where you saw Irvine for the first time. After doing all this you will have the GF Helltrain. Invincible for a while: When you are in space on the third cd you will talk to Eleone, play cards with her and get the lagoon card and with the ability to convert letters, the lagoon card converts it into 100 heoric salts to make you invincible for a time. The GF get more: When the presentation of a G. F appears, while holding down , press as many times as you can . When a cross appears, do not do it or you will have to do it again. It does not work with all GFs Kill Abadon in one fell swoop: He appears in the salt pans before reaching Eshtar. Use a Fenix Plumage and it will die automatically. No casual battle: Use the following methods to avoid having to do casual battles on the outskirts of the city: rent a car, walk on train tracks, walk on paved roads or get the Devils No Encounter capability. For Squall: Use the AURA magic or lower the blood until it turns yellow. Give it a HERO and press repeatedly until the limit comes out. Free potions: You can get free potions in Timber Town. Take Rino on the team, and then go to the bridge where you have seen the guards. Continue and return until a man appears to us. Talk to him and talk to him a second time to get a potion. Leave the screen and return when the man appears again and repeat. Positions card for Pupu: Look for the UFOs to spend a battle in the following places (you have to position some Devils Enc-None): 1. Outside Winhill Town. 2. Mandy Beach, northeast of Timber. 3. Heath PeninArribala, east of Trabia Garden. 4. Kashkabald desert. After visiting them all fly with the Ragnarok rocky breakwater over Chocobo Shrine. You will find a UFO that you have to defeat. Then go to the crater where Balamp Garden was. You will find a PuPu. Feed him with five potions and you will be rewarded. It is only a level five scheme, but it is the most difficult to find. Pupu: Look for UFOs that pass during a battle in the following places (you must have the Devils Enc-None ability): 1.- Outside Winhill Town. 2.- Mandy Beach, northeast of Timber. 3.- Heath Peninsula, east of Trabia Garden. 4.- Kashkabald Desert. After going to find all four, fly with the Ragnarok to the rocky cliffs over the Chocobo Shrine. Fight with a UFO and beat it. Then, go to the crater where the Balamb Garden was. You will fight Pupu (don't hurt him). Give him five elixirs and you will be rewarded. It's just a level 5 card, but it's definitely the hardest card to find. Easy ability points: Go to Cactaur Island and earn 20 AP for each Cactaur defeated in battle. Cactur Island is the small desert island. Easy experience points: Visualize the world map and travel to the leftmost island. In that there are powerful monsters that can easily lift your characters. Test answers: After Dollet's assault, a Test option will be available. Use the following answers correctly to all questions to increase the level of Squall Seed. The higher the level of Squall and the higher each pay period will be. Decent wages: Level 01: 500 Gil. Level 02: 3000 Gil. Level 10: 10,800 Gil. Level 15: 12,500 Gil. Level 20 : 15,000 Gil. Level 25: 17,500 Gil. Level 30: 20,000 Gil. Overcome the toughest battles: When you are in space, at the Lunagate base, don't forget to play cards with Eleone. She has the Laguna card in her possession that you can convert into 100 heroic salts with the Force Guardians. If you use the salts in combat, your characters will be invincible for a while. Response test: In the menu Guide option you can find a menu called Exam, where there are 30 tests. If you overcome them successfully, you will earn a raise. Here is the solution: Y = Yes N = No SeeD level: Risposte 01: YNYYYNNYNN 02: YNYYYNYYNN 03: NNYNYYYNYN 04: NYYYNNYYNN 05: NNNYYNNYYY 06: YNYYNNYYNY 07: YYYYYYNYYN 08: NYNNYYNNYN 09: NYNNNNNNYY 10: YNNNNNNNYN 11: YYNYYNYNNY 12: NYNNYNYNYN 13: YNNNYNNNNN 14: YYYYNYYNYN 15: YYNNNNNYNY 16: YNNYNYNNYN 17: YNNNYNNYNN 18: YNNNYNNNNN 19: YNNYNNNNNY 20: YYNYNYYYNN 21: YYYYNNYYYN 22: NNNYNNNYYN 23: YNNNNYYYYY 24: YYNNYYNNNY 25: YNYYYNNYNN 26: YYNYNYNYNN 27: NYNNNNYNYN 28: YNNYYYNYNN 29: NNNYYNNNYN 30: NYNNNNYNNN All GF minus 2: Press and then press: and a fairy will come out that will give you all gf except tomberri cactilio and heltrain. All the objects: To get all the objects and that you never spend you have to make the combinations of the train in timber at the first and then you give and press: Action Replay Codes: Have 99 of all objects: $ B01F0002 0001 $ 1007836C 6301 $ B01F0002 0001 $ 100783AA 6320 $ B10F0002 0001 $ 100783E8 633F $ B01F0002 0001 $ 10078426 635E $ B01F0002 0001 $ 10078464 637D $ B01F0004 0002 0002 000B 0002 0002 0002 0002 000B $ 00020001 000B $ 00020002 All cards: $ B01E0002 0000 $ 10078B08 E4E4 $ B0080002 0000 $ 10078B44 E4E4 $ B0130002 0000 $ 10078B56 FFFF $ B0030002 0000 $ 10078B76 FFFF $ B0110002 0000 $ 10078B54 F0F0 Save anywhere: 80070B220100 Infinite Money Level 100 (Squall) 80077CDCE100 80077CDE5F5E HP A 9999 (Squall) 80078F32270F 80077CD8270F Life and other to the maximum (Squall) 80077CE2FFFF 80077CE4FFFF 80077CE6FFFF HP A 9999 (Zell) 80079102270F 80077D70270F LEVEL 100 (Zell) 80077D74E100 80077D765F5E LIFE AND OTHERS TO THE MAXIMUM (Zell) 80077D7AFFFF 80077D7CFFFF 80077D7EFFFF HP A 9999 (Selphie) 80079102270F 80077FD0270F LEVEL 100 (Selphie) 80077FD4E100 80077FD65F5E LIFE AND OTHERS TO THE MAXIMUM (Selphie) 80077FDAFFFF 80077FECFFFF 80077FDEFFFF

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