Stun the guards: When a soldier surprises you, click on the blue exclamation over his head. Increase the self-control meter: Hang on a sill or ledge and start doing dominated like a madman, with + to increase the size of your self-control meter, nerve control. Bandana: Only for Snake, it is achieved by obtaining 30 identification plates with Snake. The classic MGS Bandana will give you infinite municisn when you activate it. Digital camera: It is achieved by finishing the game for the first time. When you get it you can use it both at the level with Snake and Raiden. In any case you can get it before (with Raiden) by accessing it using the box that has ZOE printed in the transport room. Optical camouflage: It is the grand prize, to get it you must get 60 plates with Snake and 120 with Raiden, which is only possible if you finish the game in at least the Very Easy, Easy and Normal difficulties. If you collide with an enemy it will be deactivated. Title screen control: Press to hear a shot and see a flash on the title screen. Use the right analog stick on the title screen to change the color of the screen. Sequence control between missions: As with Codec transmissions, you can press or to zoom during the time between missions. Depending on how hard you press, you will zoom in more or less. You will hear a shot. While holding down the button, use the right analog stick to move the view. Also during certain parts of some sequences between missions there are scenes in which it seems that you are looking through a camera or binoculars. You can use the zoom too. You can also use this trick at the beginning of the game, before pressing . Funny conversations: On the boat: If at first you call Otacon more than five times, I'll talk to you about the Patriots. Watch television in the sentry lounge and call Otacon. When you're done with Olga, look at her and contact Otacon, then shoot her. Enter a box office when there is a poster inside and contact Otacon In the second warehouse, take five photos of the reel to the screen on the right when it is projected and, when you enter the warehouse number three send them to Otacon. Now take the photos to the Metal Gear. On the oil rig: Load a few seagulls and you'll see how Rose gets, now save the game. Look through the glass that overlooks the room where Emma is on the stairs for a while. After the conversation with Rose, try to save the game. Hit Emma and call Snake. Equip yourself with a ration and call Pliskin, who will tell you what they are made of. Now call Rose to save. Go to the sink, look inside in first person mode and call the Colonel. Get a book and call Pliskin. Look at the Shell 1 parrot in first person mode and call the Colonel. Hit the hostages with your kicks and you will see what happens. Try to save the game Call Snake after defeating the harrier. I will explain why you entered the code name Pliskin. When you and Emma arrive at the room where you defeated Vamp, contact Snake several times until Otacon gets on, then contact Snake. Wake the guards: Use the spray on your face when you are stunned. Details: This game is full of details or if you do not pay attention to how it affects the rain and first person, or how to shoot the ice cube cubes will be left to shoot one by one, as the city of New York passes by our side when we navigate, etc ... Extra difficulty: Finish the game to unlock it. Sunglasses: Pass the game twice to get glasses for both characters. Limitations: Get 50 or more identification badges in the first three difficulty levels, and you will get a brown wig as a reward, which will give you unlimited ammo for all weapons. Get 150 in the Hard difficulty level, and you will get as an reward an orange wig that will give you Infinite Grip (quite on Tanker hold 1 and 2). Get all the Dog Tags in the Difficult difficulty level and you will get a blue wig, which gives you infinite oxygen when diving. To get the Bandana (infinite ammunition) and the Stealth suit (invisibility), complete the Tanker mission three times in three difficulty levels (saving all the games in the same file and getting all the Dog Tags). To get the Brown Wig (infinite ammunition for Raien) and the Stealh costume (invisibility), complete the Plant mission three times in three different difficulty levels (saving all the games in the same Memory Card file and getting all the Dog Tags ). Rare Marines: If you take a picture of the naked man in the closet of the machine room, when you go to the Metal Gear Ray room, all the marines will be in underpants. Maximum ammo: Take the USP and M9 ammo at the ticket office. Go out to the next one, where there are two guards. Come back, go back and you will see at the box office where there was USP that there is now USP ammunition. But if you are almost in the final room of the demo, go back there and there will be more ammunition. Codec messages: Press: or for Snake to make funny comments. Boss Survival Mode: Complete the game on normal difficulty. You can choose between Snake or Raiden, and with a single energy bar you have to face all the bosses of the game. Casting theater mode: Complete the game on normal difficulty. You can change all the protagonists of eight video scenes and include different characters in them. Extreme mode: Finish the game once. Olga laughs at us: In the fight against her, dodge her bombs and hide in a place where you can see her well, after a while you'll see how she laughs at us and shoots at the sky. Otacon and the girls: Take pictures of all the girls and send them to Otacon instead of the photos of the Metar Gear Ray. Different title screen: Finish the game once and the title screen will turn blue. Wig: Play the Tanker and Plant episodes and get all the military badges. Blue wig: Only for Raiden. Once activated, it will allow you to be unlimited under water without breathing. Possibly the least interesting object of all. Brown wig: Gives Raiden infinite ammo when wearing it. To get it you will need 80 sheets with Raiden. Orange wig: Activating it allows you to be hung infinitely. It only works for Raiden and it will be with him that you should get the 160 necessary identification badges. Military plates: Aim at a guard with a gun on his head and make him move. Prevent reinforcements: When you have been found, use a small weapon to fire your codec, so reinforcements will not be called. Problems in the bathrooms: While listening to the conversation between Ocelot and Solidus press to direct the microphone to the bathrooms. Triumphal exit of the cardboard box: When the guard will discover you when you are in the cardboard box, press and you will get behind him and you can catch him. Shaved Snake: In the Extreme difficulty at the beginning of the Plant mission you will find a shaver, on the platform where the diver suits are. Get off the railing in front of you, slide to the right through it to enter the area of the diving suits. Activate this object just before you meet Snake for the first time, and you will give him the razor when he gives you cigarettes. Translation of the opening sequence: During the presentation movie press to choose language. Your name in a dog tag: When you enter Plant's mission, you can put your name and your data in the first console you see. At the end of the game, Raiden will take off his Dog Tag and your name will be inscribed on the board. Last Wig: Get 218 military badges in the Big Shell and finish the game. You will get infinite oxygen. Accumulate the plates of the different levels of difficulty to reach the necessary number. Unlimited life: At first press the pause button and press: Becoming stronger: Every time you are stuck to a bar or a projection, use the first person view mode. Press then and at the same time and Snake will make an impulse movement. Get 100 and Otacon will let you know that your Grip strength has improved. Increase the Self-Control Meter: Hang up on a Windowsill, or ledge and put yourself in a crazy way (with + ) to increase the size of your self-control meter (nerve meter) Alternative credit screen: Complete the game. The online HTML, CSS and JavaScript beautifiers will take care of your dirty markup!

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