Tricks of Pokemon Platinum for DS

National Pokédex: Complete Sinnoh Pokédex, watching the 210 Pokémon in the region and then go talk to Professor Rowan in his laboratory. Stars and colors for our coach card: The following tasks can be completed in any order, regardless of a specific event in relation to a certain color. The stars will be added after completing each event. Defeat the Elite Four. Win any of the Rank Master Super Contests Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower. Win a platinum flag in the subway (get 50 flags) Capture the 493 Pokemon, not including the event ones. Blue Card: You win a star. Bronze Card: You earn two stars. Silver Card: You earn three stars. Gold Card: You earn four stars. Black Card: You earn five stars. Unlockable furniture: Do what is indicated in each case to unlock the corresponding piece for your home furniture. Chandelier: On foot, it accumulates a total of 300,000 steps. Guest set: Defeat a total of 50 instructors in the coffee coach. Great picture: Hatch 30 eggs. Music box: Buy shelves. Piano: Defeat the Elite Four 10 times. Pokemon Bust 1: Get a silver print in the Battle Frontier. Bust of Pokemon 2: Get five silver print in the Battle Frontier. Tea Set : Buy the Guest Set. Wall clock: Plant 50 berries. New Pokemom for the Sinnoh Pokedex: 58 Pokemon will be added to the Sinnoh Pokedex (Before you defeat the Elite Four): List: 151 - Manaphy (Look in the book of the mansion) 152 - Rotom (With new ways with which you will learn new attacks) 153 - Gligar 154 - Gliscor 155 - Nosepass 156 - Probopass 157 - Ralts 158 - Kirlia 159 - Gardevoir 160 - Gallade 161 - Lickitung 162 - Lickilicky 163 - Eevee 164 - Vaporeon 165 - Jolteon 166 - Flareon 167 - Espeon 168 - Umbreon 169 - Leafeon 170- Glaceon 171 - Swablu 172 - Altaria 173 - Togepi 174 - Togetic 175 - Togekiss 176 - Houndour 177 - Houndoom 178 - Magnemite 179 - Magneton 180 - Magnezone 181 - Tangela 182 - Tangrowth 183 - Yanma 184 - Yanmega 185 - Tropius 186 - Rhyhorn 187 - Rhydon 188 - Rhyperior 189 - Duskull 190 - Dusclops 191 - Dusknoir 192 - Porygon 193 - Porygon2 194 - PorygonZ 195 - Scyther 196 - Scizor 197 - Elekid 198 - Electabuzz 199 - Electivire 200 - Magby 201 - Magmar 202 - Magmortar 203 - Swinub 204 - Piloswine 205 - Mamoswine 206 - Snorunt 207 - Glalie 208 - Froslass 209 - Absol 210 - Giratina (Original form) Congratulation Message on our birthday: If we set the date of our birthday on the internal clock of the DS and on the day of our birthday we play the game, we must defeat the Elite Four, and once we get it, we will go talk to Dawn or Lucas, who will wish us a happy birthday. It snows diamond dust: On June 12, you see Snow Point, where it will be snowing diamond dust over the city. This fact occurs because that day is the birthday of Junichi Masuda, Director and Composer of the music of Pokemon. Articuno / Zapdos / Moltres level 60: Talk to Professor Rowan and you will get the National Pokedex You go to Pal Park and talk to Professor Oak. Now you go to the Eternal City and you will find Professor Oak, after his comments, mark the App map with what he has said. Then Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres will reach level 60. Gain experience easily: You can find a new opponent to fight every day at the Pokemon Center in the City of Hearthome. They are next to the counter. Increase the chances of finding a bright Pokemon: We must have an International Pokemon and another in the nursery, so that the possibilities of finding a bright Pokemon are multiplied. Secret area in the Wayward Cave: Look under the bridge that is outside the Wayward Cave and you will find a secret area where there are pokemon and Pokeballs. Secret Wallpapers Box: Go to the city of Jubilife and talk to the television producer on the third floor of the television station. You have to tell him certain phrases, when asked for his comments on television. To generate these phrases we must go to and enter our coach Id. This will unlock a special box with game funds. Try the free CSS tidy lets you easily beautify stylesheets for your websites.

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