Europa Universalis 4 follows the molds of Civilization and even Age of Empires. In it you need to build a nation from scratch and evolve it to dominate the whole world. As a good real-time strategy game, it's perfect for using some cheats ! And in this article we bring the best codes to give that boost in gameplay ! You can activate them by opening a dialog box. To do this, press the ' , ~ , or SHIFT + 2 key . Ready: just write or paste the desired code, click on ENTER and activate it!

Virtually any European civilization can be controlled in EU4!

EU4 cheats: evolution points, money and total powers

Code description
act Changes the current Era of the game to one of your choice
age_heir Change the age of your country's Heir
add_cardinal Adds a Cardinal to his nation
add_claim (province ID) (country TAG) Adds a province to your country or another country
add_colonist (country TAG) Adds a Colonizer to a specific country
add_consort (country TAG) Add one or a Consort to a country
add_core (province ID) (country TAG) It makes a province the center of a country
add_devastation (province ID) (amount of destruction Adds devastation to a specific province
add_faction (faction name) Add a faction to a country
add_heir Adds an Heir to your country
add_liberty_desire Adds or removes the country's desire for freedom
add_local_autonomy Adds or removes country autonomy
add_loyalty (State ID) (loyalty amount) Adds loyalty to a particular state
add_missionary Add a missionary to a country
add_natives Adds natives to a country
add_opinion (country of origin) (target country) Increases the opinion of one country in relation to another
add_pa Adds 10% patriarchy to a country
add_pi Adds 100 points of influence of the Pope to a country
add_prosperity An province's progress towards prosperity increases
add_republican_tradition Add Republican Tradition to a country
adm Adds Administrative Power to a country
annex Attach one country to another
army_tradition Adds Military Tradition to a Country
army_professionalism Adds Military Professionalism to a Country
authority Add Authority to a country
cash Adds or removes money from a country
church_power Adds Church Power to a Country
colonize Colonize a particular country
combat_dice (number) The combat die always comes out with the same number as your choice
control Controls certain province
corrupt Changes the level of corruption in a given country
declare_war Two specific nations declare war on each other
kill Kills the Governor of a particular country
dip Adds or removes Diplomatic Power from a nation
disaster (disaster ID) Starts a disaster in your country
discover Discover the capital of a specific country
doom Adds an amount of Perdition to the country (from the Nahuatl religion)
epicfail All spies in a given country fail
exhaust Adds or removes a country's war exhaustion
form_union Unites two countries
fow Enables or disables fog
frenzy Enables Great Power Frenzy
frenzy_off Disables the Great Power Frenzy
god Enables or disables the God mode
golden_age A Golden Age Begins in a Country
harmony Add or remove Harmony to a Confucian country
imperial_authority Adds Imperial Authority
inflation Increases or reduces inflation
integrate Starts or ends the integration process from one country to another
karma Adds or removes Karma from a Buddhist country
kill_kardinal Kill the Cardinal of a country
kill_consort Kills a country or Consort
kill_heir Kill the Heir of a country
kill_leader Kill a random leader in the game
leader Creates a military leader
map_random Randomly generates a new part of the map
thousand Adds or removes military power from a country
humans Adds a number of humans to a country
native_uprising Creates a rebellion of natives in a country
navy_tradition Adds or removes naval tradition to a country
watch AI plays alone and you just watch
piety Adds or removes pity from Muslim countries
pirate Creates a pirate within a country
population Adds population to a country
prestige Increases or decreases a country's prestige
remove_rival A specific country is no longer its rival
reset_migrate Ends the cooldown that prevents migration
revolt Starts a revolt within a given province
russian Adds governance points to a country
stability Adds or removes Stability
tech Adds levels across all technologies
yesman All countries accept your proposals
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