Dead by Daylight is a horror game where you can play as a survivor or assassin. When choosing to escape the maniacs that chase you, you will have to overcome the pressure to calmly follow your path to freedom. This will require patience, planning and teamwork. Check out the best way to survive in Dead by Daylight .

How to win the match?

During the game, your main objective is to escape from the zone you are in. To do this, you will need to find ways to open an exit. There are, then, two ways to survive:
  1. Complete the repair of five generators , thus releasing two gates that need to be opened for you to escape;
  2. Use a hatch that appears randomly on the map as soon as five, four or three generators are repaired and depending on the number of survivors left. You can open this hatch with a master key or when only one survivor is left alive.

Tips for success

In order to achieve one of these two goals and escape danger, there are some basic things that you can take into account and that can help you.
  • Try to do everything calmly so as not to cause too much noise, unless you are being chased and need speed to survive.
  • There is no point in trying to blind the killer with the flashlight while being chased, unless he is destroying a pallet and therefore cannot turn around. However, if you see an assassin carrying an ally, you can blind him so that the survivor tries to escape.
  • Note the red light that shows the direction the killer is looking at to predict his movements.
  • Do not use wooden pallets unless it is really necessary to help you escape.
  • If you are stuck on the hook, your chance of escape is 5%. It is best to wait for an ally to help you.
  • Learn to recognize the audio that warns you that a Consultation is coming in order to be successful.
  • Rotate your view upward to see the lights that indicate the locations of the generators. That way, you can find them without any problems.
  • If you see that one of your allies is being chased or carried, this is an ideal time to make some extra noise by opening chests or repairing generators while the killer is distracted.
  • Whenever you enter a location, plan several escape routes in case you are chased.
  • You should always give priority to healing your allies rather than repairing the generators. However, always check that you are not taking unnecessary risks. If a survivor is caught on a hook, your chance of surviving is minimal and, therefore, the risk for you is very great.
  • It is essential to try to take the killers to generators that have no one, so that the others can be repaired without interference.
  • If you are in a dying state, do not crawl to your allies. Try to stay hidden near an exit in order to crawl to freedom and without putting others in danger.

Meet the survivors

Ace Visconti

  • Luck Specialist
  • Greater chance of freeing yourself from a hook alone
  • You can break free from a bear trap
  • Greater chance of winning the best items from a chest

Bill Overbeck

  • Survival Specialist
  • Survives an extra 40 seconds when hit after being injured and can heal
  • Can escape the dying state alone
  • If you are alone, you can make repairs faster

Claudette Morel

  • Support and Healing Specialist
  • Can heal without needing a medical kit
  • Heals faster and quietly
  • Detects injured survivors who are nearby

Feng Min

  • Solo Survival Specialist
  • During a chase, you gain speed by jumping over a window or pallet
  • Detects the killer if it damages a generator or pallet
  • Repair generators more quietly

Dwight Fairfield

  • Teamwork Specialist
  • Can detect nearby allies
  • Increases the speed of repairs, sabotages and investigations if you are close to other survivors

Nea Karlsson

  • Movement Specialist
  • Can move faster while lowered
  • Increases the duration of items
  • Does not creep when falling

Jake Park

  • Sabotage Specialist
  • Destroy bear traps and hooks without needing a toolbox
  • Does not attract the attention of crows when passing by them
  • Manages to be 100% silent when injured

Laurie Strode

  • Survival Specialist
  • Reduces murderers' ability to read auras
  • Detects the location of the killers
  • Can escape the assassins' hands once per match

Meg Thomas

  • Running Specialist
  • Can run faster
  • Can heal itself when the five generators are repaired
  • It is quieter when entering lockers, running and jumping through windows and pallets

David King

  • Defense Specialist
  • Earn extra points every time you are attacked or save an ally from a hook
  • Can run for a few seconds if injured
  • Can recover from the dying state

Interacting with the environment

During your escape attempt, there are several actions you can take and several objects you can interact with. Knowing all of this will be fundamental to success.
  • Lower: Survivors can bend down to move very slowly. This type of movement does not alert crows.
  • Walking: you can walk slowly and quietly, without alerting the killers.
  • Running: although it is the fastest way to move, running is still slower than the normal walking of the killers. In addition, it will make noise, leave tracks that assassins can see and make your character breathe loudly, even after standing still.
  • Repair: You can repair generators manually, which will take a long time, or using a toolbox, which increases the speed of repair. It is necessary to take into account that the killers can hear a generator working and also their attempts to repair it.
  • Consultation: at random, a mini-game will occur when the survivors are repairing generators or sabotaging items. Basically, you will have to press SPACE when a red line enters the success zone. There is only one attempt, and if you get it wrong, the killers will be notified of your location.
  • Sabotage: You can sabotage assassins by permanently destroying their equipment. It is possible to do this with the help of a toolbox or manually, if you play with Jake. You have to be cautious, because the sabotage is noisy.
  • Wooden pallets: these boards can be used as an obstacle to prevent an assassin from chasing you. Survivors can also throw a pallet at the killer to stun him, temporarily disorienting his vision and movement.
  • Lockers: Survivors can hide in lockers. However, opening one of them makes a loud sound. Also, if you enter the locker quickly you will alert the killers.
  • Chests: these appear randomly at the beginning of each match and can be investigated for items. In doing so, however, you make some noise. These chests contain very useful items to survive, so it is worth the risk.
  • Fall: if you fall you will be dragging for a short time.
  • Totems: these items are connected to one of the killers' skills. You can eliminate them, but this will alert the killers to your presence.

The various states

  • Healthy: you are not hurt.
  • Injured: You can be injured by being hit by an assassin or stepping into a trap. In this state, you will leave traces of blood wherever you go and groan in pain, which alerts murderers to your location. You have to try to heal yourself, or have someone heal you as soon as possible.
  • Dying: if you are in this state on the ground, you can crawl to the exit. If, on the other hand, you are being carried by an assassin, you can try to break free, remaining in the same state, but on the ground. You enter the dying state when you are hit by a killer while injured, sawed or hit by certain effects.
  • Hanging: Upon reaching the dying state, the killer can hang you on a hook. If your life is over 50%, there is still the possibility of letting go. However, it is best to wait for an ally, because if you are unsuccessful to let go, you will bleed faster.
  • Trap: When stepping into a bear trap, you will be temporarily trapped. In order to escape, it is necessary to try to break free or wait for the help of an ally.

Meet the killers

To survive, it is necessary to understand what you can do to defend yourself from each of the different assassins.
  • Trapper: check the area around the generators and the exits and windows, as it is possible that there are bear traps.
  • Hillbilly: avoid open areas and take advantage of the impossibility of this killer being able to move the camera as soon as he starts running.
  • Wraith: you can see the direction in which this murderer is going when he hears his bell and his cry.
  • Nurse: always try to stay hidden from this killer, but if you fail, run towards him when he teleports.
  • Shape: It is very important to break the line of sight as quickly as possible with this killer.
  • Hag: burn your traps with the flashlight and, if you can't, pass them down so as not to activate them.
  • Doctor: avoid staying in the same area for a long time, especially on the pallet side.
  • Huntress: try to move at random while trying to escape so as not to be hit by your axes.
  • Cannibal: try to stay away from the other survivors, as this killer can hit multiple opponents at the same time with his skills.
  • Nightmare: try to wake up as soon as possible by missing an appointment or by asking another survivor to help you, as this killer can see where your aura is if he is sleeping.
  • Pig: pay attention to the ambushes you may suffer and remove all types of traps before escaping.
  • Cloud: it is essential to avoid your gas cloud in order to survive.
  • Spirit: when he is stopped, it means he will use an ability, this is the time for you to escape.
Meet Dead by Daylight's most fearsome killers!

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