Clash Royale is a strategy game that combines cards, defense towers and online battles. In these intense three-minute battles, your goal is to destroy your opponent's three towers. It is normal for you to make some mistakes, especially if you are still getting used to the game. Check out these tips for solid, competitive gameplay.

Choose your cards carefully

It is important to choose your deck carefully, as this is the tool to defend your towers. Don't just take cards that cost a lot of elixir or go into combat with only cheap cards. It is best to maintain a balance between fast units, good units against flying troops, offensive troops and specialist defense troops . In addition, it is important that you improve your cards to make them stronger.

Remember: if you choose a deck with an average of 4.5 or more elixir spend, it is best to attack in the last 60 seconds of the match, as elixir production will be faster.

Meet your troops

There are 74 cards in Clash Royale to choose from, but each has a specific profile to defend or attack. So, you have to know how to get the right troops for your deck. Learn which cards work as tanks, which fly, which attack flying units, and which deal the most damage . Only by knowing the particulars of each card will you be able to defend yourself against what your opponent launches against your towers.

In order to do well in Clash Royale , it is essential that you know your deck well, so it is not convenient to always change it. While it is fun to try new cards and decks, don't change your deck completely. The most sensible thing is to learn to play with what you have and gradually improve by exchanging only one or two cards at a time.

Know how to manage your Elixir

All cards have an elixir cost and take some time to regenerate during the battle: 2.8 seconds during the first 2 minutes of the game and 1.4 seconds during the last minute. You have to learn how to counter your opponent with cards that cost less elixir than the cards he throws at you.

For example, if he plays a Giant that costs five elixirs and you respond with an Army of Skeletons that spends three, you will have an advantage of two elixirs over him. Getting an elixir advantage over your opponent is the most important concept for you to win matches in Clash Royale . If you consistently kill enemies that cost more elixir than your troops, you will be able to win the match.

It is very important not to spend your entire elixir at once unless it is really necessary . It is very bad to just be watching your opponent's troops approaching without being able to counterattack. Wait for the elixir bar to reach its maximum before starting to draw cards.

Troop positioning is crucial

The good positioning of your troops is essential to have positive results in the match. Most players place troops in front of a tower thinking it is the most effective way to destroy it, but this only causes their troops to be decimated quickly.

You can use the strategy of pulling your opponent's troops to the center so that their towers attack simultaneously and quickly eliminate the enemy army.

You must also separate your troops so that they are not all affected at the same time by effects such as Freezing or Poison.

It is also important to calculate the risks of the troops that are played by your opponent. Do not spend elixir by casting a card just because an enemy soldier is still alive. Probably, he will end up dying with the defense of his tower before his troops even reach him.

Distract your opponent

In Clash Royale , troops are made to destroy towers. If you place your troops a little outside the line of combat, they will damage enemy troops with little damage.

Cards like the Giant, Lava Hound, Ice Golem and the Royal Giant only destroy structures. To distract them, throw cards like Bomb Tower, Cannon or even a cheap card like Tombstone. Thus, by putting an alternative structure into play, these troops will be pulled there , instead of attacking their towers right away. If you are unable to stop your opponents in time to reach your towers, use the Shock or Electric Wizard.

Don't be too offensive

In general, attacking the enemy's tower is more fun than defending yours. But what often happens is that if you launch all your troops in one path, they will be quickly destroyed and you will be left unprotected. Do not throw all your cards at once and, even if you lose a tower, do not lose your cool , as you can still go around the game.

Matches are often lost through impulsive decisions. Try to use your brain in a little rush and don't give up just because you were upset. Play your cards calmly and try to wait for your opponent's moves . Each match has 3 minutes, so you have enough time to wait a little.

If you are winning a lot of games, don't lose the precaution of being too sure of yourself. On the other hand, if you are losing at least three games, it is best to take a break to avoid making mistakes due to frustration.

Spend your gems and gold intelligently

In Clash Royale , gems are hard to pick up, so it’s not convenient to spend them randomly. Gold is also only earned in battles or in chests. And the more battles you win, the more chests you win too .

Spend your gems buying gold and spend your gold evolving only the cards you plan to use most often.

Play every day to get as many free chests as possible . Thus, you will be able to level up quickly without spending money on the game. You get free chests every day and you can also get about 5-6 timed chests a day.

Join a Clan

You must join a clan as soon as possible. You will be able to ask other members for letters, which will help you to raise your favorite cards faster. If you also donate your cards, you will earn gold and experience to level up more quickly.

In addition, there is the social aspect. You can exchange strategies and play free practice matches .

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