7 easy ways to earn coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Everyone needs coins to build their super team in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). All coins are precious and we know exactly what it takes to get more. In addition to winning games or selling cards, you can earn coins by doing other tasks. Follow our tips and you will see your FIFA finances go up.

1. Take advantage of the Coin Boost

In the FIFA 18 catalog you will find Coin Boosts, which are perfect for picking up lots of coins quickly. For example, for 3,500 CFC (bronze coins) you will earn 1000 more coins in the next 10 matches you complete. Or for 500 CFC you will win 200 more coins in the next five matches. Unfortunately, you can only use each Coin Boost once. Take advantage of these bonuses!

2. Do the initial tasks and daily challenges

When you start playing FUT, there are several easy tasks that offer various prizes, including coins. If you've already completed all of these tasks, don't worry because there are also daily and weekly challenges. Sometimes the daily challenges can be a little difficult for those just starting out, but it's always worth watching. It is an excellent opportunity to get more coins.

3. Participate in Squad Battle

Squad Battle is a new single player mode in FUT where you will face other teams created by players from the FIFA community. Teams are updated regularly and there are different levels of difficulty, with different rewards. Prizes are awarded weekly after the event closes. If you score a lot during the event, you will surely receive a lot of coins.

4. Win the Selection of the Week

Every week, FIFA creates a team with players who have excelled in major football leagues. If you win the Selection of the Week in a high difficulty mode, you will get a lot of coins. Pay close attention to the defense, because normally this team has very strong attackers. However, defense is usually the biggest weakness and playing on the counter can be very effective.

5. Casting Challenges (DME)

In Casting Challenges (DME), you have to cast a cast according to certain characteristics and limitations. For example, you may have to create a team with an overall limit where players must have the same nationality. It is a good opportunity to use several standing cards that can give you a lot of coins.

6. Log in every day to the FIFA Web App

With FIFA Web App , you can manage FUT anywhere, using your web browser or mobile app. In addition, if you log in every day, you can earn several bonuses, including the coins that everyone wants.

7. Reset The Journey mode

As you help Alex Hunter on his football journey, you will also earn rewards. Complete the six chapters of The Journey to collect coins and other player cards, including Alex Hunter himself.

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