Essential Guide to Zero Hearthstone Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt is the adventure mode of the Witches Grove expansion and an excellent challenge for all Hearthstone players. There are over 40 different fights on 8 levels for the four Monster Hunters. As with Dungeon Sessions, you will need to create a deck with loot, loot, and passive treasures:

  • After defeating the 1st monster - Passive Treasure + Drop
  • After defeating the 2nd monster - Drop
  • After defeating the 3rd monster - Treasure + Drop
  • After defeating the 4th monster - Loot
  • After defeating the 5th monster - Passive Treasure + Drop
  • After defeating the 6th monster - Drop
  • After defeating the 7th monster - Treasure + Drop
Important Tip : Passive Treasures are the most important cards. If you are unable to get a good one after defeating the first monster, you must restart Monster Hunt until you get the best one. Choices are very important and we will teach you how to choose the best cards for each Monster Hunter.


Heroic Power: 2 Mana - Discover a class spell that was played in this game.
Best Passive Treasures: Sticky Fingers and Wolf Sect Tracker Tess Greymane is the Rogue class Monster Hunter, her big weapons are cards that don't start on her deck. Assemble the deck with several spells that you can then use again several times. With the Sticky Fingers card (cards that haven't started on your deck cost (1) less), you'll create a huge synergy with Heroic Power. If you pick up the loot cards like Shuriken Jade , Deadly Poison , Eviscerate , Fan of Knives and other cards of damage, you gain much advantage because it can recover these cards cheaper. Betting on a deck full of Jade synergies will work just fine. If you add the Wolf Sect card (you can use your Heroic Power twice each turn; it costs (1) less), you can more easily retrieve all these damage cards. These two Passive Treasures combine very well and will help a lot to defeat the monsters.


Heroic Power: 2 Mana - Shoot your cannons. If you kill a minion, restore this power.
Best Passive Treasures: Tactical Boosters and Dragonfire Ammo. With the cannoneer Darius Crowley (Warrior), the great power is in his cannon. It may seem weak at first, but well enhanced with the right cards will be a major threat to monsters. Always remember to position your guns well to catch two minions in each shot. With the Tactical Boosters passive treasure (whenever you fire your Cannons, reduce (2) the cost of a card in your hand), you'll want to use your cannons a lot to make subsequent turns easier. Don't forget that whenever you kill a minion with the cannons, you can use it again. Then we boarded the Treasury Liabilities Ammunition Dragon Fire (its guns cause (1) more damage), everything is easier. There are also Treasures like the Veteran Reinforcement minion (Battlecry: Summon an Extra Cannon) or the Morsano Marauder minion (after this minion attacks, fire your Cannons) - they are an excellent synergy for your strategy.

Pack Master

Heroic Power: 2 Mana - Summon a 1/1 Blood Cannon Quickly.
Best Passive Treasures : Companionship , In the Trench or First Aid Kit The Pack Master Shaw is the Hunter class Monster Hunter, his greatest asset is the Canissangue. Its great strategy is the army of Beasts that will do a lot of damage to the monsters. You must get the Passive Companionship Treasure (your Cannons have +2 Attack), as it will be really useful in destroying enemy minions. If combined with Passive Treasure In the Trench (your minions have +2 Life), your minions will be more difficult to remove. Thus, you can take loot from minions for a more aggressive strategy because they will be more protected.


Heroic Power: 0 Mana - Start your turn again.
Best Passive Treasures : Haddgar's Scrying Orb and Mage's Robe Toki, Time-Shift is the Mage class Monster Hunter, with the least important Heroic Power of all. If you build a deck with random target cards, you can restart the turn once if you don't like the result. So, our main tip is not to focus on the Heroic Power of Toki, but to create a solid strategy without relying on luck. The Treasury Liabilities Orb Clairvoyance of Haddgar (their spells cost (1) unless) will greatly help the use of spells. If you take loot with damage spells, then the Passive Treasure Robes of the Magicians (+3 magic damage) will be very useful in the case of removal cards like the Flaming Strike.

Final Bosses

Azalina Furtalma

Heroic Power: 2 Mana - Summon 3 Wisp 1/1
To defeat Azalina Furtalma you need to eliminate the wisps whenever possible. Azalina has many synergies with wisps and through heroic power it manages to place three at once. One of the big threats is the Alma Assimilation card , which steals a random minion for each wisp sacrificed. Many removal solutions are needed to successfully destroy the constant wisps that Azalina puts on the table. Whenever possible, destroy them.

Lord Godfrey

Heroic Power: 1 Mana - Deal 2 damage to a minion and adjacent minions.
Lord Godfrey is probably the easiest Boss in Monster Hunt. You will face him with the gunman hero Darius Crowley. Your cannons and minions with Quickness will make all the difference in controlling Godfrey's threats. Also remember not to position your best minions together so they don't suffer from Lord Godfrey's heroic power. He will drop a lot of minions to fight his heroic power, so you must remove all the minions you can. Lord Godfrey will use the Hunter Perception card (reduces the cost of all minions in the hand by (3) mana) to quickly lower all of his threats. The boss's great weakness is the Hydra Ondamara card, where you can use it to deal a lot of damage if your cannons are well positioned. Your minions quickly can also be very useful in this strategy.

Glinda Crow Skin

Heroic Power: Passive - as long as you control a minion, your hero is Immune.
The Glinda Raven Skin can also be made very easy if you manage to get the passive Companion treasure (your Cannguins have a +2 Attack). Glinda can easily place several 6/3 Raven Skin Faithful minions that you will destroy with your 3/1 Canissangues. That is the main strategy! You will have to play slow because Glinda has too many cards to remove her minions. Don't be in a hurry to do damage, as taking Glinda to the end of the deck is a good plan.

Infinite Toki

Heroic Power: 2 Mana - Grants Mega-Fury of the Winds to a friendly minion. At the end of the shift he dies.
To defeat Toki Infinita you need to control the table every turn. If she can use heroic power, it will do a lot of damage to you. Try to destroy all the minions she puts on the table. She will also use the Mission - Opening the Portico to win an extra turn. This is not your biggest concern, because if you manage to destroy the minions, there is no way for Toki to cause you much danger. You have to be prepared for a big surprise in the middle of the match. From turn 10, Toki Infinita will use the stolen Alternative Time card to restart the game. However, you will start with the same hit points you had, while Toki Infinita starts with your whole life. Get ready for a long game. But if you manage to control the table well you will ensure victory.

Captain Shivers

Heroic Power: 0 Mana - Buy a Weapon from your deck.

Forlorn Lovers

Heroic Power: Passive - Whenever a friendly minion dies, place a copy of it on your deck.

Groddo The Bogwarden

Heroic Power: Passive - whenever an enemy minion dies, summon a zombie 1/3

The Scarecrow

Heroic Power: 1 Mana - Destroy a friendly minion. Get 8 Life on your hero.

Raeth Ghostsong

Heroic Power: 1 Mana - Deals 1 damage to all minions. If you kill a minion, restore this power.

Hagatha the Witch - Final Challenge

When you finish Monster Hunt, you will be able to face Hagatha, the Witch in the final challenge. It is a very interesting fight, as you will be using the four Monster Hunters in the same match. So, you start with the Pack Master Shaw and you have Toki (3 Mana), Darius (5 Mana) and Tess (8 Mana). When you put each of these heroes into play, you discover a Passive Treasure and deal damage to all minions equal to the cost of the card. But it is very important that you choose the best Passive Treasure. Check out:
  1. Shaw - First Aid Kit - at the end of your turn, restore 2 Life from all allied characters.
  2. Toki - Streamline - your minions cost (1) less.
  3. Tess - Sticky Fingers - cards that have not started on your deck cost (1) less.
This will be the best build to face Hagatha. The First Aid Kit will help you recover energy every turn because Hagatha uses a weapon to damage you. Streamlining will greatly facilitate the entry of the minions into play, and, finally, the Sticky Fingers to match well with Tess's Heroic Power, who will be her last hero. Agatha's biggest threat is the Amalgamar card that destroys all the minions on the table and summons an Amalgama minion with the sum of attack and life. So be careful and don't throw all your minions on the table so you won't be surprised. Agatha's Heroic Power (after playing a minion, add a random shaman spell to your hand) will always have many solutions to play with. Therefore, you need to be very patient and keep solutions in your hand for the greatest threats.

Monster Hunt Reward

When the Monster Hunt was launched, four quests emerged that offered a package for every 10 victories of the four Monster Hunters. In addition to this generous offer, the reward for zeroing Monster Hunt is the same as the Dungeon Sessions: a Card verse. The final reward isn't really that good, but all the challenge and fun that Monster Hunt guarantees is, for us, the best prize in this adventure mode. Learn how to win Dungeon Sessions with all classes!

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