Complete guide to enchantments from Ragnarok Mobile!

Check out our complete guide to items and enchantment quests for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. For those who don't know, enchantments are one of the best ways to improve your in-game items. Enchantments give extra attributes to your items and, depending on the level, can greatly enhance your equipment. The option is suitable for high level players with a certain amount of money to spend, because depending on your luck, an appropriate spell can be very expensive. Check out the complete Ragnarok Mobile enchantment guide below!

How do enchantments work?

To enchant equipment, you need to go to the north of Geffen and speak to the NPC Cat Friend (circled on the map above), which offers 3 options: Basic enchantments: available from level 40 onwards. They offer 2 extra attributes (with a small chance of offering 3). As a rule they cost 5000 zenys, but some items can cost 10,000. Intermediate enchantments: available from level 40 and after completing a quest. They always offer 3 extra attributes that are higher than those of basic enchantments. They cost from 5,000 to 20,000 zen, plus Mora Coins, Oracle Dust or Oracle Crystal, depending on the equipment. Advanced enchantments: available from level 70 onwards and after completing a quest. They also offer 3 extra attributes (with a small chance of offering 4) that are higher than those of intermediate enchantments. The price of these enchantments varies widely, but they are much higher than those of intermediate enchantments. Each enchantment offers a random set of extra attributes to the enchanted item. To find out what attributes you can receive, just click on the “i” icon on the enchantment screen.
The image above shows the possible extra attributes that the intermediate enchantment gives to the item Vecer Ax. The values next to the attributes are, respectively, the minimum and the maximum possible. Thus, for Strength (Str), the minimum possible will be +2 and the maximum will be +8.
Therefore, you cannot choose to receive a specific attribute, but you can enchant as many times as you want until you receive the desired attributes. Obviously, you need to pay for each of the spells. Enchantments are linked to equipment and cannot be transferred. So, before you spend a lot in search of a strong enchantment for your character, make sure that the enchanted item is really good.

And how to get the fourth enchantment?

The fourth enchantment (offered by advanced enchantments) is only obtained with great luck, but it is extremely useful and values your equipment in a few million zenys. The fourth enchantment adds an extra effect that depends on the combination of attributes you have achieved through enchantments. Check the table below with all the possible effects of the fourth enchantment:
Combination of enchantments It is made Amount
Morale = Strength + ATK Ignore defense 5% ~ 20%
CastInc = Intelligence + M.Atk Cast Reduction 2.5% ~ 10%
Arch = Dexterity + Hit Increased ranged damage 2.5% ~ 10%
Sharp = Agility + Luck Increased critical damage 5% ~ 20%
Sharp Blade = ASPD + Increased damage Melee damage increase 2.5% ~ 10%
Tenacity = Critical + Defense Physical damage reduction 2.5% ~ 10%
To activate the extra effects of the fourth enchantment, the enchantment must be refined by at least +6. See the list of ALL Ragnarok Mobile recipes!

How to get Mora Coins?

To obtain intermediate or advanced enchantments you need to spend Mora Coins. This special coin can be purchased from the same NPC Cat Friend, in exchange for the Proof of Friendship item. 1 Mora Coin = 10 Friendship Tests .

How to Obtain Friendship Evidence

To obtain Friendship Evidence you must complete group activities such as:
  • Help other players to do their board quests.
  • Help other players to complete their Slots.
  • Fight in the guild dungeon.
  • Fight together in the Endless Tower.
Remember that you need to be in the same group (party) as the players you are helping. Also, in the case of quests and slots, you need to have completed yours before helping other players. You can also buy Mora Coins for 50,000 zen each at the NPC Event Items , near Prontera's south gate. Discover the best places and tips to farm a lot of Zen in Ragnarok Mobile!

Quest to unlock intermediate enchantments

To unlock intermediate enchantments you need to:
  • Be level 40 or above.
  • 30 x Scells (drops from Mistress, Andre, Vitata, Maya, Elder Willow, Wood Goblin and Dustiness).
  • 10 x Evidence of friendship
  • 5 x Mora Coins
Follow these steps to complete the quest:
  1. Talk to Cat Friend in the north of Geffen. He will ask you to speak to Reyens , in the central part of the city.
  2. After talking to Reyens, he will ask you to kill 50 Goblins in the Goblin Forest.
  3. After killing the goblins, speak to Reyens again, who will ask you to speak to Hayard in Morroc (circled on the map below).
  4. After speaking with Hayard, you must go back and speak to Cat Friend, who will then ask for 30 scells.
  5. After delivering the 30 scells, Cat Friend will ask for 10 Friendship Evidence.
  6. Finally, Cat Friend will order 5 Mora Coins. There, quest completed.

Quest to unlock advanced enchantments

To unlock advanced enchantments you need to:
  • Be level 70 or above.
  • 3 x Light Granules (drops Mastering, Toad and Angeling).
  • 3 x Star Crumbs (drops from Dragon Fly and Phreeoni).
  • 3 x Parts (drop from Rotate Zairo and Maya).
  • 10 x Mora Coins.
Follow these steps to complete the quest:
  1. Talk to Cat Friend in the north of Geffen. He will order three of each of these items: light granule, star crumbs and parts.
  2. Then, Cat Friend will ask you to defeat a Khalitzburg just south of the South Field of Payon (circled in red in the image below).
  3. After defeating Khalitzburg, speak to Cat Friend again, who will then ask for 10 Mora Coins. End of quest. End of article. Goodbye.
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