11 free Xbox One games for those who don't want to spend money

Those who want free games on Xbox One do not only live in Fortnite . If you are looking for some fun and varied titles, but you’re not doing very well, we help you. We've put together a list of the best free games on the console for you to download right now, in descending order to the most popular of all!

11. Brawlhalla

Brawhalla is literally shot, beat and bomb
Furious Vikings, magic and fights in a 2D environment in the best Super Smash Bros style : everything Brawlhalla offers, completely free of charge. This game is very competitive, since it has ranked matches, in addition to at least three world championships. The game can be enjoyed in both local and online modes . Regardless of what you choose, the gameplay remains the same. To win you need to knock your opponent off the stage. In other words: the last champion standing and with more knockouts after the end of the game is always the winner. But perhaps the coolest part of Brawlhalla is the characters. There are more than 40 champions to choose from, with unique weapons and powers, which makes the experience very personalized. Some are inspired by figures from other products, such as Rayman, from Rayman Legends . There are special events that even add temporary characters. Hellboy, The Rock and Jake and Finn are some examples.

10. Realm Royale

Collecting spells is one of the different parts of this Battle Royale
Realm Royale is from the same creators of Smite and Paladins . Despite being a Battle Royale , this game is a little different in the proposal. Here you can choose between four different classes. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to each class having weapons and spells that work best with their abilities. Overall, we have all those classic elements of the famous Battle Royale . Up to 100 players are sent to a huge map, having to fight each other to survive. There is a weapon crafting system , possible through the Forges, located in certain locations on the map. Something interesting is that if you are knocked out by another player, you are transformed into a chicken. If you survive for a while in this form, you can return to normal and continue to fight.

9. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a medieval RPG style The Elder Scrolls Online
If you want a great online role-playing game to pass the time, Neverwinter is a very good title. Originally it was released for PC, but Microsoft was smart and extended access to Xbox One owners. The elements of the game are the most classic, such as the different classes of characters, the engaging and medieval narrative and the evolution options of the game. avatar . The only thing about Neverwinter is that it will be constantly stimulating you to perform the blessed microtransactions. We emphasize that you can go very far in the dozens of quests in the game to spend a penny. Of course: everything will depend on your experience and your skill in games of the genre. It somewhat resembles The Elder Scrolls Online , for building a large community of players. You don't need to be interacting only with NPCs, therefore. It is very worthwhile for those who are silly and want to remember the golden time of MMORPGs.

8. World of Tanks

A lot of war for those who like this theme
A simple game, but it yields good hours of fun online . In World of Tanks your main mission is, together with your allies, to destroy all enemy tanks. Other game modes include conquering the opposing base and defending yours. The proposal, however, is always the same, with not much variation in gameplay . The tanks are divided into classes, which allows you to vary the vehicles whenever you want. In fact, there are more than three hundred different tanks, belonging to the most diverse countries. There is also the option to "decorate" your tank with flags, slogans and other details. If you have in-game money, you can camouflage the vehicle. World of Tanks is indispensable for anyone who is a fan of war games. Totally free, it brings another view on a theme that has already been hit in digital games. It is well worth giving him a chance for that.

7. Warframe

Futuristic players will love Warframe
Warframe is another one that left the PC straight for the Xbox One. From the list it is one of the most "complete", in the sense of having elements of RPG, shooter and stealth. You can create a character, even if the creation system is not very broad or with several options. Speaking of the game itself, there are dozens of missions that you need to complete. They take place on several planets, which contain enemies of the most diverse types. You can build your arsenal, but you can also go into hand-to-hand combat if you think it's better that way. In Warframe you have the option of playing alone or with other players. They can revive you as many times as necessary, but you can only resurrect six times within a single game. Multiplayer missions can be either cooperative or PvP . There are many reasons why you should give Warframe a try . Although there are microtransactions, just about everything in the game can be acquired with just your effort. It is a game with a huge useful life and that adapts to various styles of players.

6. Gwent

Mandatory spin-off for those who loved The Witcher 3
Gwent is a spin-off of The Witcher 3 , which is already worth the interest. It is a card game that closely resembles the classic Hearthstone and Magic , but focused on the characters and creatures of the wizarding world Geralt. It is a totally indispensable title even for those who are not a fan of Witcher . The mechanics of the game are very simple to understand, and the look of the card field is intuitive. Basically each game has three rounds. Whoever wins two rounds of his opponent wins. Each card has a value. To be the winner in a round, all cards in the field on your side must have a larger sum than the opponent's. There are modification cards , terrain cards and special abilities. These can provide you with extra points or take points away from your opponent. The tricky thing is that the cards used do not stay on the field or return to your hand at the end of each round. So Gwent ends up demanding a lot of strategy from the duelists. It is necessary to think if it is worth going with everything in the first round or if it is not better to leave to hit in the final two rounds. A game that yields good matches online and offline . See 12 tips to be the master of Gwent !

5. DC Universe Online

Villain or hero: the choice is all yours in DC Universe Online
Whoever always wanted to play an MMORPG that involved the universe of DC Comics, now can do so. DC Universe Online is a great game for a free title. It offers a wide variety of customization of your character. Choose whether it will be male or female, the type of physique, weapons, power, personality, skin color and hair type. The most important choice, however, is whether you will be a villain or a hero. You must choose to have as members the members of the Justice League, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, or those of The Society, Joker, Circe and Lex Luthor. This part is interesting, as it will govern all your progress in the game, especially your missions. You need to be aware of the fact that even though there are many options for activities, quests and regions to explore, DC Universe Online encourages you to make a premium subscription . We say that it is not necessary. Yes, it gives perks and allows some access in the villain and hero campaigns, but nothing that adds significantly to the experience.

4. Smite

Control all the great gods of mythologies and legends
Smite is a very famous third-person MOBA on Xbox One. Players choose from over 80 goddesses, gods and other legendary and mythological entities to enter battle arenas. Basically we have two teams that face each other. The goal is to defeat the opponent's Phoenix and Titan to win the match. Each team has five players and is accompanied by minions , soldiers of little offensive power and who help in battles. They can either attack enemy gods or defense towers, the Titan and the opposing Phoenix. This makes the job easier and makes the arenas that fun and typical MOBA mess. There are 8 pantheons available in Smite , ranging from Greek to Celtic, through Mayan, Chinese, Nordic and Egyptian. Each character has a simple attack and four spells. The gods are divided into five classes, in addition to being categorized according to their roles in combat. The game is almost a classic already in the MOBA genre, being completely free. Smite reached such a high level of popularity that it even had a world championship in 2015. The prize was $ 2.6 million.

3. Path of Exile

If you like Diablo , you need to play Path of Exile
Playing Path of Exile and not thinking about Diablo is impossible. PoE creators are big fans of the classic RPGs and made sure to include in the game all the elements of success of that game. It already starts from the perspective of the title, which brings the isometric view, middle from above. Anyone who is used to this will have no problem playing PoE . Path of Exile puts the player in control of an exile in the wasteland of Wraeclast. Your mission, of course, is to survive long enough to avenge those who put you into exile. To do so, you must create your character, choose your class, buy and sell items and, what is more fun, evolve your avatar . Path of Exile 's evolution system is immense. The skill tree has so many options that you're probably not sure where to start evolving the character. In addition to the avatar's special attributes and abilities , its armor, weapons and spells can also be upgraded. The best thing about this game is that it is 100% free. There is no monetary transaction to be made within the game. This is rare for a free-to-play on consoles, even more of the RPG genre. So if you like this style of play or are curious to see what it is, give Path of Exile a chance . Learn how to start playing Path of Exile with everything with 8 essential tips!

2. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most remembered Battle Royale
We have in Apex Legends a very differentiated Battle Royale . It starts with the fact that you will necessarily be grouped in a trio. That's why teamwork is essential in this game. Communication is facilitated by a dialing system. Virtually everything can be signaled, so that your battle companions can follow your directions. There are up to 60 players on a single map. Deaths here can be reversed if allies take certain actions in a short period of time. It is important to say that you cannot have two players with the same heroes in a team. They are called Legends. There are currently 10 Legends available to choose from. Like other games in the genre, Apex Legends contains loot boxes and microtransactions. But you don't need them to have a fully satisfying experience. All the tips to do very well in Apex Legends !

1. Fortnite

Is Fortnite already a classic or not?
Number 1 on the list everyone knows. Fortnite is the king of Battle Royale , moving millions of dollars and millions of players around the world. What many people do not know or forget is that the game is divided into two modes. One is Battle Royale , while the other is a very fun survival game called Save the World . Both have the same movement and combat mechanics, although the proposals are quite different. We highlight the Save the World mode , in which we face zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. It is necessary to collect resources, save survivors and face a hostile environment. But the Battle Royale is the classic mode that made the game famous. We have up to 100 players who parachute to an island. They have to face each other, with only one player left in the end. There are dozens of weapons available on the island, as well as vehicles. In this mode it is also possible to carry out insane constructions to defend against opponents. And we can not forget the popular skins and dances of Fortnite , which leave the game even more fun! Don't die in Fortnite ! Learn how to be the ultimate survivor in this Battle Royale ! Try the professional HTML editor for free and subscribe for a subscription license if you are satisfied.

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