Summer is here to stay! The Sims 4: Tropical Islands game expansion brought the opportunity to soak up the sun on the relaxing beaches of environmental conservation, enjoy the island's relaxed climate and face the fantastic world and powers of mermaids! There are two ways to experience mermaid skills. To transform an existing Sim into a sea creature, you will need to eat a Mermaid Seaweed. But if on the other hand you want to start a new game, Creating a Sim is the easiest method.

1st way: find Alga das Sereias

Alga das Sereias is a rare spice found only on the islands of Sulani. To become a mermaid or break the curse, find a copy of the seaweed using the following methods:

1. Reward Shop

The Rewards Shop is filled with potions, items and super interesting traits. Here, you can upgrade your basic skills and needs. The seaweed of the Sirens is available at 500 points of satisfaction , and it is what you need to get to make the transformation into siren. After purchasing Alga das Sereias, search for the piece in your inventory and eat it immediately. From now on you need to dive in the sea of the islands of Sulani, within 24 hours.

2. Sulani Cave

The cave located in the district of Mua Pel'am can offer many surprises for anyone who dares to explore it. In addition to Alga das Sereias , you can also find fish, shells and other relics on the island. To increase your chances of finding rare items, it is recommended to explore the cave with full needs. Eat seaweed and dive into the sea within 24 hours.

2nd way: create a new Sim (easier)

To create a new Sim-mermaid just enter CAS (Create a Sim). Add a new Sim in the family under Add a Hidden Sim , then choose the Add Mermaid option . Feel free to customize your new mermaid or merman any way you like. Create unique costumes using the tools to link Sims' looks. This allows you to play with different characterizations in normal and hidden mode.

Mermaid Skills

When turning into a mermaid, the basic Hydration need will be added. Recover Hydration levels by drinking water, bathing or diving in the sea. Try manipulating the weather with the following interactions:
  1. Summon storm (-75 hydration) ;
  2. Summon temporal (-75 hydration) ;
  3. Summon clear skies (-75 hydration) .
Mermaids can also sing to change the way Sims feel:
  1. Enchanting Song (-35 hydration) - Leave the receiving Sim in " Flirt " mode ;
  2. Requiém da Noite (-35 hydration) - Leave the receiving Sim in " Sad " mode ;
  3. Inspiring Lullaby (-35 hydration) - Leave the receiving Sim in " Inspired " mode ;
  4. Aegean Question (-35 hydration) - Leave the receiving Sim in " Tense " mode .
In addition, at sea, you can also interact with other Sims:
  1. Kiss of the Mermaid (-30 hydration) - Leave the receiving Sim in " Aquatic Breathing " mode , allowing him to dive for longer;
  2. Summon Marine Threat (-30 hydration) - Makes the receiver Sim extremely uncomfortable. If applied on the high seas, it can lead the receiving Sim to death;
  3. Song of the Mermaid (-100 hydration) .

How to stop being a mermaid

Tired of the mermaid's wet routine? To become a normal Sim again, eat 2 more pieces of Alga das Sereias and stay at least 24 hours without going into the sea . The mermaid stroke will be removed completely. Be sure to check out the essential tips for mastering The Sims 4! Personalize your Sims' wardrobe with our list of clothing for all seasons. See how to build your dream home in The Sims 4. Remember the Windows XP operating system? You can work with it online at GeekPrank and trick your friends.

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