Discover the best parts of Auto Chess (Tier List)!

For those who want to compete seriously in Auto Chess it is very important to know which parts are better than the others. Thinking about these players, we brought down the tier list (list of the best pieces) with all the units of the game. The table also shows the respective races and classes of the pieces to facilitate the assembly of strategies and synergies. Check out the list of the best parts in Auto Chess below!

S rank parts

They are the best in the game, either for their versatility (they are great in several different strategies and builds) or simply because they have above average attributes.
Piece Race / Class
Anti Mage Elf / Demon Hunter
Alchemist Goblin / Warrior
Beastmaster Orc / Hunter
Bounty Hunter Goblin / Assassin
Clockwerk Goblin / Mech
Dazzle Troll / Priest
Doom Demon / Warrior
Disruptor Orc / Shaman
Drow Ranger Undead / Hunter
Kunkka Human / Warrior
Lone Druid Beast / Druid
Lycan Human / Beast / Warrior
Jellyfish Naga / Hunter
Necrophos Undead / Warlock
Queen of Pain Demon / Assassin
Razor Element / Mage
Shadow Fiend Demon / Warlock
Templar Assassin Elf / Assassin
Terrorblade Demon / Hunter
Tidehunter Naga / Hunter
Timbersaw Goblin / Mech
Treant Protector Elf / Druid
Troll Warlord Troll / Warrior
Witch Doctor Troll / Warlock
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A rank pieces

These pieces are not the best in the game but are very feasible, especially if you have a specific strategy in mind or if you have extra gold to spend.
Piece Race / Class
Abaddon Undead / Knight
Crystal Maiden Human / Mage
Dragon Knight Human / Dragon / Knight
Enchantress Beast / Druid
Puzzle Element / Warlock
Gyrocopter Dwarf / Mech
Io Elf / Wildcard
Juggernaut Orc / Warrior
Keeper of the Light Human / Mage
Lich Undead / Mage
Luna Elf / Knight
Mars God / Warrior
Ogre Magi Ogre / Mage
Omni Knight Human / Knight
Phantom Assassin Elf / Assassin
Sand King Beast / Assassin
Shadow Shaman Troll / Shaman
Slark Naga / Assassin
SlarDar Naga / Warrior
Sniper Dwarf / Hunter
Techies Goblin / Mech
Tiny Elemental / Warrior
Tusk Beast / Warrior
Venomancer Beast / Warlock
Zeus God / Mage
Wind Ranger Elf / Hunter
Viper Dragon / Assassin

Pieces rank B

Rank B tiles are not necessarily bad, but should only be used in the absence of higher rank tiles or if you have a specific strategy in mind. In addition, these parts can also be useful in some exceptional situations.
Piece Race / Class
Axe Orc / Warrior
Bat Rider Troll / Knight
Chaos Knight Demon / Knight
Death Prophet Undead / Warlock
Furion Elf / Druid
Lina Human / Mage
Mirana Elf / Hunter
Morphling Elemental / Assassin
Puck Elf / Dragon / Mage
Riki Satyr / Assassin
Tinker Goblin / Mech
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