The famous game Crossfire arrived for mobile devices with the name of Crossfire: Legends. This version of the game has some surprises, especially the new Battle Royale mode with the creative name of Royal Battle . This new mode is quite popular and is similar to games like Pubg or Free Fire. In addition to the new mode, it is possible to play the classic PvP. Each mode has different game mechanics and needs different tips. Check out our list and get ready for combat in the Royal Battle and PvP.

Tips for the Royal Battle

Popular because of games like PUBG, Fortnite or Free Fire, Battle Royale mode puts 120 players on an island full of varied loot and only the best player or squad can survive. In addition to the other enemies, there is also the danger of Sandstorm, which shortens the playing area throughout the game. Matches can be time-consuming. There are elements controlled by the game like zombies and other monsters.

1. Choose the right place to jump

All Battle Royale style games start the same way: without equipment. You need to jump to a location on the map and quickly pick up weapons, dressings and armor. Places with more buildings usually have more loot. If you're a beginner, don't jump directly into a big city. Start in isolated areas, where the loot will be of lesser quality and quantity, but you will have a better chance of surviving.

3. Use the right equipment

In the first stage, use whatever equipment you can find. Always remember that the important thing is to survive. There are items that are essential to be able to stay alive until the final game circles: weapons, ammunition, armor, helmet, bandages and backpack. Whenever you find better equipment, change it immediately, discarding the previous one.

4. Master the armament

When you're done landing on the island, you won't have a state-of-the-art sniper rifle waiting for you. In the first few seconds, you will have to use whatever appears. It can be an automatic rifle, shotgun, pistol or simply a pan. Learn to master each weapon, until you can pick your favorites, depending on your style of play. More patient players prefer sniper rifles, while others prefer the speed and aggression of a machine gun.

5. Pick up the equipment in the infection zones

Sometimes, places with yellow skull symbols will appear on your map. They are usually infected areas, full of zombies and other monsters. These monsters are controlled by the game. Eliminate everyone and keep the equipment inside the building. Remember that other players may have the same idea.

6. Don't play with the Storm

Sandstorm hurts you. The further you advance in the match, the stronger the storm. Do not wait until the last moment to move. Remember that against the storm there is no defense but escape.

7. Travel in style

The maps can be quite extensive, so if you find a vehicle, use it. The bikes are fast and the jeeps can withstand a few shots. With vehicles, it's easier to discover remote areas and escape the storm. However, they also make more noise - making it easier to detect their presence. Use with care.

8. Think tactically

Do not proceed in the open field unless necessary. Move between covers, keep a watchful eye and always try to ambush your enemies to surprise them. Be patient. Royal Battle mode is for survivors.

PvP Tips

The PvP is a direct confrontation with other real players, in highly dynamic matches. There are knockout games, demolition, mutant etc. This mode is similar to games like Counter Strike or Critical Ops. There are variations in each mode, different types of weapons and rules.

1. Movement and Tactics

Player Vs Player mode is a fast and intense mode. The matches are brief and whoever reaches the goal first wins. Whatever you do, do it quickly, protecting yourself as much as possible with the different obstacles and moving forward without exposing yourself unnecessarily.

2. Learn the defects and advantages of each weapon

Different weapons have different types of shot. A sniper rifle does a lot of damage, but has less rate of fire than an assault rifle. Choose a weapon that suits your style of play, according to the mode you are going to play. Don't forget to equip your weapons in the arsenal to choose from during the match.

3. Aim and shoot effectively

Don't spend your life shooting anything that moves. In addition to running out of ammunition, you will miss many shots because of the recoil. If possible, use semi-automatic mode or short bursts. The greater the recoil of the weapon, the more trigger discipline you need to have.

4. Look for the Head Shot

Getting shot in the head is the best way to eliminate an enemy. It's fast, safe and saves bullets. Bullets are expensive. In addition, for each headshot, you receive extra points and sometimes even diamonds.

5. Keep your gun loaded

An enemy has appeared in front of you! You pressed to shoot and only two shots came out. If it all seemed too scary, next time, keep your gun reloaded. If you had to shoot even a few shots, replace your magazine.

6. Play in Team

A strong team wins games. Support your team by covering your comrades and avoiding getting on their fronts. In this mode, you earn XP for assists. If you want, try to create a clan or join one that accepts new members. It is much better to play with someone you know than with random players.

7. Communicate

Use your device's microphone to communicate in real time with your teammates. The microphone is enabled by default. If you prefer, you can use pre-defined phrases in the lower right corner of the screen. The important thing is to keep your team informed.

8. Do the missions and challenges

A quick way to level up and pick up weapons and cool items is to try to fulfill the daily and weekly missions that the game suggests. They are very varied, as are the prizes. They make up for the time spent well.

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