Lords Mobile is a mobile strategy MMO game that takes you from battle to battle until your kingdom dominates the rest of the sovereigns. There are certain goals that you have to achieve in your race for domination. Check out these tips to gain an advantage over other Lords and conquer the world of Mobile Lords .

Build buildings

In Lords Mobile , there are several buildings that you need to construct.
  • The most important thing is, without a doubt, your Castle , as it is by improving it that you will gain advantages over other buildings and improvements you can make.
  • Another important building is the Vault . It is there that you will save your precious resources and keep them away from the assailants.
  • It is also essential to build a farm to feed its armies and the population. In fact, food will greatly affect your production, because it is with it that you can train troops and do research.
  • The quarries and sawmills are important to win stone and wood resources so you can build other buildings and improve them.
  • The barracks are intended to produce soldiers, who are instrumental in protecting their kingdom.
Find out more with the best construction strategies!

Collect resources

To do anything in your kingdom, you need resources. They are used to build, research, train troops and buy just about everything needed to manage your buildings and army. Initially, the most important sources of these materials are your specific production buildings , so it is essential that you build and improve them. Then, you can start sending your troops out into the open on timed missions . Your strengths will come back from these tours with specific gains, so plan the most urgent resources for you right now.

Prepare to battle

Lords Mobile allows you to enter PvP battles against millions of other players around the world. So it is very important that you defend your kingdom from attacks and looting from competing kingdoms. In addition, you can spy on your enemies, capture opposing Heroes and ask for ransoms . All of these strategies must be used in a planned way for you to reach Emperor. Meet the best troops to form armies.

The importance of Heroes

Heroes are special troops that will defend your kingdom or attack opposing kingdoms for you. So it is useful that you get the different characters to have many choices at hand. The more Heroes you take, the stronger you and your guild become. Meet the best heroes of Lords Mobile

Discover the VIP system

In Lords Mobile , there is a reward system based on your VIP level. To increase your level in the system, you must earn VIP points. Enter the game daily to earn points, use gems to buy them or complete daily quests to earn them as a reward. Increasing your VIP level is very important, as it gradually reduces the waiting time for your buildings, improvements and research.

Join forces

Once you reach a specific level, it will be possible to join a guild or create your own completely free. Joining other players undoubtedly has its advantages. Whenever you help an ally, you will earn Guild Coins , which you can use to buy VIP points or other useful items. In addition, there are always other players to join you in battles. Once you join a guild, get ready to take on Monster Hunt and find out who the best heroes are! 13 ways to earn Gems in Lords Mobile without tricks! Learn how to move your kingdom to a different server!

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