Learn how to augment objects in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4 , players can manipulate the size of game objects using a cheat . This code was left by the creators on purpose, so that players can change whatever they want to further personalize their gaming experience. Learn to manipulate the size of any object in the game!

1. Select the object you want to manipulate

Simply select the object you want to increase or decrease. It can be a piece of furniture, decoration or any other item. If the goal is to create something giant, it is best to select it outside any building to have a better perception of the sizes.

2. Use the corresponding code

Press and hold the “SHIFT” key and press “]” to increase the object or “[“ to decrease it . Keep doing this until the object reaches the size you want. The only limitation of these options is that the object can never be larger than its entire batch, other than that, you can have any size.

3. Position the object

Now that you have reached the desired size for your object, you can place it wherever you want. In addition, you can change the size again whenever you want and as many times as you want.

4. Try it

Adjusting the size of an object can have advantages and a multitude of creation possibilities. Spread the Christmas spirit through the game, building a giant Christmas tree in the city center, inaugurate a super modern tourist monument or host a big party inside a drive-in cinema!

More examples of augmented objects

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