7 quick tips for earning gold in Arena of Valor (and how to spend)

Arena of Valor may be a free game, but that does not mean that you are free to worry about money. One of the types of AoV coins is gold and you will want to have as much of this precious asset as possible to get further into the game. Check out our valuable tips for earning gold easily!

1. Beginners earn rewards

Have you recently arrived in the world of Arena of Valor ? Beauty! Just for being a beginner, you earn gold for 7 days each time you log in. And it's not consecutive, so you don't even have to log in every day for a week. Just log in 7 days and you will earn gold - you are literally being paid for your existence.

2. One win a day is enough to earn gold bonuses

This tip is very simple: win a game! Just win a match and you'll get the 1st Victory Reward, a prize that gives players 100 gold and 500 extra experience for the first victory of the day. Ready to win?

3. Be sure to watch the events

Whatever the time of year, you can be sure that there will be several events waiting for the Challengers in Arena of Valor . Events have different types of rewards such as gold, exclusive items, chests, etc. Pay attention to the challenges and check how to reach the objectives to win the prizes.

4. It is always a good idea to have friends

We all know the benefits of having friends in real life, but did you know that it is also important to have friends in AoV? If you play with friends, you will receive the Team Building Bonus, a reward for teaming up with friends. In addition to this prize, you can send gold to up to ten people every day, if you are a generous Challenger. Of course, if the friendship is sincere, they can reciprocate the gesture and thus fill their virtual pockets with gold. There is also a Friendship Score that goes up to 600 points, but you only need to reach 240 to unlock the Very Friendly Gift. It really pays to have friends.

5. Style is not just a matter of aesthetics

Styles (skins, in the original) are not just a way for your hero to differentiate himself from other characters. Having an alternate style for your hero gives you a 10% bonus on the gold you receive each time you win. All styles give the same bonus, regardless of their rarity.

6. Be a member of an active guild

Joining an active guild and playing with other members will improve your chances of winning more victories and thus winning more gold. But in addition to that fact, there are Activity Points that you earn when playing battles and that contribute to your Guild. There are weekly Guild Rewards, prizes that players receive when they reach a certain number of activity points. The scale for awarding rewards varies from level 1 to level 8 and the higher your level, the better the prize. If you play with other Guild members, your activity points will increase by 15%, thus benefiting everyone.

7. Use 2x Gold Cards

You can maximize the gold received in battles with 2x Gold Cards, cards that give double the gold earned in your victories. This item comes in two different types:
  • 2x Gold card for the next 4 wins
  • 2x Gold card for the next 10 wins
You can win this item in the Achievements or buy directly at Casa das Gems, option of the Shop menu. Learn how to get and spend gems!

How to spend your gold

The best advice we can give you is to spend your gold on level 3 Archangels, which are the best you can have. Each Arcana at this level will cost 2000 gold, so you can already understand that you will need a lot of gold coins. You can also use gold to buy heroes, but we recommend that you think about it only after winning all possible heroes on the Path to Glory. Try all the heroes you are conquering without spending gold, discover your style of play and accumulate experience. Then, yes, you will be able to know which is the hero who deserves the gold that it cost so much to win. Do you know everything about Archangels? Check out our super guide! Prank sombody with the fake Windows 10 upgrade screen which never ends. Open the site in a web browser and go full screen with the F11 key.

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