Diving: While the marine picks up the boat, sit on it to two other commands. Perform various tests to find the exact position. In this way, all three can go underwater. Level passwords: In this game the codes change with the name, the ones that follow work leaving default Level 2: 4JJXB Level 3: ZDD1T Level 4: RFF1J Level 5: K4TCG Level 6: MIR4M Level 7: 7QVJV Level 8: K99XC Level 9: AAAX1 Level 10: JSGPW Level 11: CMODD Level 12: JGHD3 Level 13: PUUWW Level 14: WT348 Level 15: 139P0 Level 16: L9IPV Level 17: 5LIMV Level 18: YJOJG Level 19: YFCWJ Level 20: GDKWT Tricks: During the game type 1982GONZO, if it doesn't work try GONZO1982. You can also try pressing Control + C at the same time, and without releasing them, type 1982GONZO. The following tricks are activated: ALT + F11: Help window. ALT + I: An interface comes out. ALT + SHIFT + L: Write to the MEMLIN.DAT file ALT + SHIFT + M: Write to the MEMACT.DAT file ALT + SHIFT + Y: Unlimited Ammo. CTRL + F9: Debug mode. CTRL + I: Invincibility and infinite ammunition. CTRL + SHIFT + C: Infinite sniper bullets and sapper grenades less in the water. CTRL + SHIFT + N: End the mission. F9: Information about objects. SHIFT + F4: Trace the commands. SHIFT + V: Enemy Vision. SHIFT + X: Teleport (select the command and with the SHIFT key and the mouse, drag it to the chosen place . Then press X to release it.) Invisible vehicle : Enter the commands in a vehicle, the last must be the spy, dressed in German. From this moment on the vehicle will be invisible to the enemies even if we shoot. The effect lasts as long as it does not leave or anyone enters the vehicle.
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