Cod infinite warfare zombie mode - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for PC, PS4 and XBOne

Zombie Mode Traps and Tips in CoD: Infinite Warfare

Now we show you all the tricks and aids that we have found in CoD Infinite Warfare of the Zombie mode, if you are a fan of this great way so well known in the Call of Duty saga you can not miss all our Guides with the best Easter Egg and tricks of the mode Zombie, as always in Trucoteca we want to help you survive in this great zombie invasion.

Unlock David Hasselhoff:

You remember David Hasselhoff, the actor so well known either for "The Beach Watchers" or for the super-known "Kit, The Fantastic Car" was a well-known actor between the 80s and 90s, and now in the new Infinite CoD Warfare we can play with this character in zombie mode, but for this we must follow a series of very simple steps, once completed we can enjoy during that game with him, then we explain how. The first thing we should do is enter the central area of the amusement park, once inside we will find a robot called N3IL, as we approach it, it will ask us to find its head, do not be scared your head is near this same area , on a Snack car. When you give the robot a head, it will entrust you with some challenges that you must complete during the game, the challenges are random, so each game can change, but the sooner we ask them, the simpler they will be met, since as the rounds the difficulty of the challenges increase, it is best to try to get it at the beginning of the first rounds. Once the challenges that the robot has indicated to us have been completed, we must return to the robot to speak with him and we must start the Knight Industries Protocol , shortly after he will come down from the skies carrying David Hasselhoff, this great television actor. Now we show you a video of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare in zombie mode where we will see how to get the mythical David Hasselhoff, the well-known actor of the series the beach watchers and the fantastic choche, which will help us for a while to end The horde of zombies.

Activate electricity in Shaolin Shuffle:

Now we explain how to activate the electricity in the new Shaolin shuffle map, there are 4 switches that we will have to activate to give the current, and for this we will have to have opened all the doors to be able to move around the map without difficulty, so Once we have everything open we tell you the exact locations. - The first one to go is in the area of the incio, attached to the subway train, we will see it in the pillar closest to the stairs. - The second, we have to leave where we are and go up the stairs on the left, we will go out next to the Pink Cat, and now we go up the ramp that we see on the left, we continue until we reach the bottom, and we will leave on the right Racin Stripes, We pass through the gate, and go down the stairs, we will see it on the right. - To get to the third from where we are, we turn around, and we go to the statue of the fountain, we go down the stairs on the right, continue until we reach the square and enter through the door on the right, now we turn to on the left, now on the right and we continue to leave the Trail Blazer on our right so we enter the disco through the door on the right, now we cross and go up the stairs on the right, we cross the whole room and we have to enter through the door we see on the right, there is only up the stairs that lead to the VIP Lounge and when we leave we turn right to see the third switch. - The last one is simpler, we just have to go back to Trail Blazers and exit through the next door to enter the subway, go down the stairs we see on the left and at the bottom of the subway stop we will see the last switch.

Unlock Pam Grier:

Now in the new zombie map of Shaolin Shuffle we can unlock the famous Pam Grier, a famous actress well known especially for the movie of Jackie Brown, that young woman with very striking afro hair, and now we can play with her, and as In Trucoteca we always tell you how. To be able to use this character we will have to make his Easter Egg first to be able to see his final kinematics, once completed, when the session is over and we will play again, on the selection screen we will have to press the following button combination To unlock it they are as follows. Once the sequence has been introduced, your portrait will appear right in the center of the screen in the lower area, and that will warn us that it is already unlocked, so in the next game we play we will do it with this charismatic character. Save this link to your bookmarks to access the best free online web developer tools: I hope it will help a lot!

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