Traps and tips Mounts and Blade Warband PC

Then we leave you with some tricks and aids of Mount and Blade Warband for Pc, an action game and medieval battles, with impressive graphics where we will face in frenetic melee battles and as always Trucoteca wants to help you become the best warrior To survive in these difficult times.


- Always inform that you see a large group of enemies or the location of archers to the companions, that way you will avoid unnecessary casualties and avoid being flanked or caught by surprise, thus increasing the chances of your victory. - When you see a good battle with several attackers, the heat of battle may blind you and you want to run towards the action, but that is a mistake that can cost you your life, the best thing you can do is put yourself further back, and leave that they kill each other, that way you can then attack those who remain standing and get an almost certain victory. - The best way to win money is in the Tournaments, since you can also place bets, betting on yourself with what if you manage to win you will make yourself with a lot of money, but that is careful here because people are much more expert and tournaments They are more difficult. - We can also kill enemies by riding a horse and with a spear, but that if we must move, if we stand we can not do damage with the spear, for this we must gallop with full speed and keep the attack button, and just We release the button approximately one second before impact to do as much damage as possible. - A little trick to kill enemies in the arena, is that when an enemy chases you if you run to a wall of the edge, and the enemy chases you at high speed, if you just turn when you are about to crash your enemy will stay about seconds stuck and you can attack freely. - When you see an attacker on horseback, you can try to kill the rider, but this will probably be heavily armored, but I propose another way, more cruel, but more effective, attack the horse, if you attack the horse the rider will have no more I have to go on foot. - If you want to win more money always remember before starting a new round of placing your bets, with bets when you win you will increase your income considerably at the end of the round, this is good if you trust that you will win. - You must quickly choose your battle team otherwise you will miss the first round and you cannot play it, you must wait for the second. - It may seem obvious, but as you find yourself playing the first thing you should do is a recognition of your surroundings, I know it sounds obvious but in this game the enemies appear randomly by the edges of the map, so you may be facing a enemy and reach some by the back, so it is important to monitor all flanks continuously. - You must be careful with the archers, they are enemies that on more than one occasion can get us out of the way, try to dodge their arrows instead of blocking them with the shield, the best thing to end these archers is to slowly approach them dodging their arrows to enter a close combat against them. - A good advice is undoubtedly always carry a spare shield, in this game the shields are somewhat fragile, so it is much better to carry one always tied behind the back in case we break the first one that I assure you is broken, even the arrows of the archers can break our shield and believe me that it is not funny to run out of shield in front of an archer. - If for whatever reason, either because you do not like to wear shields, or it has broken, or you do not have at that time, do not despair you can block some attacks with your main weapons, but that if you should practice enough to Successfully block without a shield. - When you are in an arena never try to escape the executioners, they will always end up reaching you and hitting you from behind, so it is better to face the risk of facing them and try to dodge to attack, that way at least you will see the blow coming face to face. - There are times when we will see an enemy in the distance come running for us, in those moments we can end the fight in a matter of seconds, if we wait for the exact moment, we must hold the weapon in defense position and when the enemy This almost above us we must move forward to collide with him, and stop his attack, then we jump back and this will allow us to attack him without defense. Here are a series of tips and tricks of Mount & Blade: Warband for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without making use of them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain trophies. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.


In the Launcher, select Settings and then check the Enable Cheat Box option. Money tricks, they only work on the inventory screen, health tricks, it only works in battle, instant death tricks, they only work in a battle, everything you see on the cheat map only works on the screen of the map, the AI takes care of a cheater character, it only works in battle and the tricks of 1000 XP only work on the character screen. AI takes care of your character in battles : CTRL + F5 CTRL + F5 Fully Cured: CTRL + H Your fully healed horse: CTRL + Shift + H Ctrl + Shift + + H Hurt yourself: CTRL + F3 CTRL + F3 Experience the part of the selected member: CTRL + X CTRL + X It gives you 1000 XP on the character on the screen: CTRL + X CTRL + X It greatly increases all the skills of your weapon: CTRL + W CTRL + W In the inventory it gives you 1000 Gold: CTRL + X CTRL + X Leave all enemy troops unconscious: Ctrl + Alt + F4 Ctrl + Alt + F4 Hit all enemies in zoom. (Wait and watch turn): Ctrl + Shift + F4 Ctrl + Shift + F4 Blows out all your troops: Ctrl + Shift + F6 Ctrl + Shift + F6 Strikes out one of his soldiers: Ctrl + F6 Ctrl + F6 Unconscious blows to an enemy after a series of presses: CTRL + F4 CTRL + F4 Let's see everything, except hiding places on the World Map : CTRL + T CTRL + T On the World Map, teleports in the part where you click: CTRL + Left Click CTRL + left click Slow Motion (Press again to turn on or off): CTRL + F9 CTRL + F9 Update all available units for that path : Ctrl + Left Click Ctrl + left click

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