Tired of never reaching the top 10 survivors? You practically never get 'kills' but you die easily? With the following tricks and tips you will master the game of the moment, Fortnite: Battle Royale for PS4. Playing like a pro, matching specialists like Lolito and Ninja, is not as difficult as it seems.


While it is true that there is no area that ensures you progress in the game, certain areas are better than others, although not for all players. So, you should explore the map well , especially after an update in which changes are made. Spend the necessary time to analyze from the small clusters to the large cores in which many gamers are concentrated. When you find the most suitable for you , study all the corners that make it up. The appearance of weapons and chests is random, but it will be useful to know which parts of the mapping are useful to hide, heal or ambush.

The storm strategy

Continuing with the mapping, it's time to talk about one of the riskiest tricks. To carry it out you must find yourself in the storm, if possible not far from the limit that defines the safe zone - in case you have to go if necessary. This advice should only be applied if you have numerous priests . We are not referring to shields, but to bandages, first aid kits and drums . In case you have too many supplies and don't think you need such a high number, they can serve you to stay temporarily in the area marked by the life-storming storm. You can go healing while waiting for players to flee from the storm , trying to reach the safe area as soon as possible. That's when, taking advantage of the situation, you will shoot at discretion. The nerves will seize your enemies and they will not be able to defend themselves correctly, not even building, which will allow you to add enough 'kills'.

What weapons to choose?

Among beginner players there is a habit of dispensing with certain weapons to opt for the legendary and epic . However, this can translate into difficulties in getting 'kills' and being the last survivor of the hundred players. They certainly attract the good characteristics of a submachine gun, a long-range rifle and even a rocket launcher. But what happens if you don't master it perfectly? Its potential is not exploited, giving an advantage to the enemy who does deftly handle their respective weapons. It is precisely in this aspect that you must rely on when choosing between one or the other. Inventory gaps are very limited , so practice all the time necessary to find out which weapons best match your skills.

Construction tricks

Playing as a pro requires building well . And it is of little use to aim with precision if you neglect your rearguard. For this reason it is essential that you put into practice the following tricks. The first of these is summed up in preventing the stairs from being easily destroyed by enemies. Achieving it is as simple as building a wall in front of each of them. In this way you can climb great heights without so much risk that the structure is shot down by other players. Another strategy is to make use of metal to create distractions. For example, if you have a tower built of wood or brick and you want to find out where a sniper is hiding, go under the structure and quickly build any metal assembly. Another of the tips that we can give you, and corroborated by great professionals, is that in a hand to hand against a player, the player who manages to build taller has an advantage to see the enemy and see where he is building. This advantage, in addition, allows you to shoot it without the enemy really knowing where you are since it will be easy for you to be upstairs to hide once you shoot it. Of all you can create is the one that is seen most in the distance. In turn, it requires enough time to be completed. For this reason it attracts the eyes of the rest of the players of the game. With that in mind, just return to your tower to look around for enemies that remain watching the new metal structure to find you. You just have to pull the trigger.

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