Here are a series of tips and tricks of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Unlock Goku SSJ4:

Goku SSJ4 is one of the unlocking characters of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, to unlock it we will have to complete the gameplay « Parallel Adventures «. In this game mode we will have to go through the entire universe of Akira Toriyama to solve temporary anomalies caused by Demigra. In Parallel Adventures mode we will control our own character.

Get the 7 Dragon Balls:

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse we can also go in search of the 7 Dragon Balls and make a wish to Shen-Long. To find the 7 Dragon Balls we will have to defeat all the patrol characters that we find in the game mode "Parallel Adventures."

Unlockable Characters:

To unlock new characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse do the following in each case and with the level required for each character. Android # 18: The Androids saga ends (requires level 34). Beerus (Bills): Finish Goku training (requires level 70). Freeza (Frieza): Finish the Freezer saga and finish the Ginyu training (requires level 20). Ginyu: Finish the first half of the Freezer saga (requires level 15). Gohan & Videl: The Buu saga ends (requires level 40). Gotenks: End the Buu saga (requires level 40). Kuririn (Krillin): The first half of the Saiyan saga ends. Mr. Satan (Hercule): The first half of the Androids (Cell) saga ends. Perfect Cell: Finish the first half of the Android saga (requires level 30). Piccolo: The first half of the Saiyan saga ends (requires level 5). Son Goku: The Demigra saga ends (requires level 70). Vegeta: The Saiyan saga ends (requires level 8). Super Saiyan 4 Goku Beat all parallel missions. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Omega Shenron and Super 17 Collect the seven dragon balls and choose the eighth wish. Bardock and Broly: To begin, we will gather the "Temporary Gap Crystal Piece" objects that we will get at the end of the main story. Then we will talk to Recon, and the next three will complete the secondary missions with high qualification, once we get the 5 pieces, we will return to talk with Recon, then we will go to the Nest of Time and complete the story of Bardock and Broly. Omega Shenron: Let's get the 7 dragon balls together and we'll ask Shenron the wish "I want more playable characters." We will be randomly unlocked between three characters. This document has been composed with the free online HTML edior. Access it here and use it every time for document editing.

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