Crusader Kings 2 is the second title in a series of dynasty simulators. The game starts in 1066 and runs until 1453. In other words, it is basically conquering lands and enemies during the medieval period. Of course, even with all the strategy in the world, it can be a difficult journey. So we bring you the best cheats for gameplay CK2! Activating the codes is super simple: press the ~ button to open the dialog window. Now copy or type the codes you will see below, click ENTER and the magic is done!

CK2 is a great way to learn history while having fun!

CK2 cheats: immediate builds, money and total power

Code description
cash Earn 5 thousand gold
piety Earn 5,000 pity
prestige Earns 5,000 prestige
age (ID) +/- (number) Adds or reduces specified character age
add_learning (ID) +/- (number) Adds or reduces learning of an attribute
add_martial (ID) +/- (number) Adds or reduces martial attribute
add_intrigue (ID) +/- (number) Adds or reduces intrigue attributes
add_stewardship (ID) +/- (number) Adds or reduces regency attributes
add_diplomacy (ID) +/- (number) Adds or reduces diplomacy attributes
add_trait (trait name) (ID) Adds a trait to a specific character
watch AI controls the entire game and you just watch
culture (culture name) Change your culture
religion (name of religion) Change your religion
fow Enables or disables the fog of war
give_title (title) (ID) Gives a specific title to a character
pollinate female ID male ID Pregnant the specified woman of the specified man
kill (ID) Kill a specific character
marry_anyone Everyone can get married in the game
allow_laws All laws pass
move (ID) Recruit the specified character for your court
discover_plots All plots are always discovered
remove_trait (trait name) (ID) Removes a trait from a specific character
add_artifact (artifact name) Adds an artifact to your character
get_all_artifacts Adds all artifacts to your character
banish (ID) Ban a character
capital (province ID) Make a province your capital
enable_ambition Allows a character to choose a new ambition
techpoints Adds 1000 tech points of each type to the player
max_tech Maximizes technology from all provinces
secret_religion Creates a secret religion for the province
quickbuild All buildings are ready quickly
yesman Nobody says no to your proposals
real_fathers Tell who the real parents are in the family trees
morehumans Adds more humans
outbreak Creates an outbreak randomly on the map
revolt Starts a revolt in the province
murder One character kills another
add_lover Turns a character into another's lover
add_friend Adds a friend to the player
add_rival Adds a rival to the player
remove_friend Removes a friend from the player
remove_rival Removes a rival from the player
province_religion Determines the religion of the province

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