The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a turn-based RPG based on the series and comics of the same name. It mixes good doses of action, exploration and strategy, with a combat system that can be quite challenging. So that you can do well in this game and be a successful survivor, we have prepared 10 tips!

1. Use weak characters to evolve the strongest

Road to Survival has a very interesting XP earning system. You can use lower rated characters, such as 1 or 2 star characters, to give experience to the strongest ones. Thus, one of your avatars earns points to evolve, based on the level of the sacrificed character. So if you think any of your survivors is weak for combat, don't just go out and discard him! Save it to evolve some good top-level warrior! Also, keep in mind to always try to get 3, 4 or 5 star characters. Of course, because they are much stronger, they are more difficult to find. It is important to save tokens to exchange them in the game store for these characters, as this is the cheapest way to obtain them.

Use characters of the same type when evolving

Notice that below each character's level there is a symbol. This symbol indicates the type of that survivor. He can be a soldier, pacifist, leader, citizen or hunter. When evolving it, try to use characters of the same type to give it experience. This will ensure that he level up faster.

2. Don't forget to upgrade the survivors

In games in the style of Road to Survival it is common that in addition to leveling up, characters can receive upgrades. These upgrades further improve the overall ability of avatars, giving greater attack and defense power. In The Walking Dead , you need specific items to level up the characters. To find them, just click on them, in the upgrade menu, and the game itself will indicate at which stage you can find it.

3. Keep your deposit empty of resources and items

Of course, saving items and resources to have them whenever you need them is good. The problem is that the fuller this deposit is, the greater the chance that you will suffer from raids . Don't forget that if you can plunder other people's bases, so can yours! One tip, therefore, is to keep your resource deposit empty. But why? It is worth much more to use everything you have evolving characters, training survivors, creating items or doing research. The resources you have in your inventory cannot be stolen. In that sense, there is no need to worry about spending them all at once. Even if you suffer an attack, you will not lose them.

4. Learn how to use Auto-Battle to your advantage

The Auto-Battle is a very useful system in much of their fighting against zombies. In those easiest stages of the game, where battles are not difficult and you just want to make a splash , use this feature. It will save time in your life and will get the job done. Just keep in mind that AI tends to use Adrenaline Rush whenever it is available. This can be a problem, as in the last horde of zombies in the battle you won't be able to use it, which ends up being risky. In any case, never use Auto-Battle in more difficult battles. The AI is competent, but only you can feel the feeling of the game to know what is the best strategy in complicated fights.

5. Have a diverse team

To be successful in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival you need to know the smallest details of your characters. You've read up there that they fall into five main types. In addition to those, they can be considered Fast , Tough , Strong and Alert . In this sense it is important to have at least four character slots released. Each of these survivors' traits is stronger than a given trait presented by an enemy. So before going out to attack the zombie or the human, click on it and see which character has an advantage. So write down:
  • Tough is stronger than Alert
  • Alert is stronger than Strong
  • Strong is stronger than Fast
  • Fast is stronger than Tough

6. Choose the right weapons for the right survivors

Just above we saw the traits that your characters must have. These traits are so important in the game that they define even the weapons your heroes will use. A Fast hero needs a weapon with the same trait, which is usually machetes or melee weapons. Alert characters have rifles, snipers and pistols, while Strong is more familiar with baseball bats or pipes. A Tough can use a 12 ", for example. Always check in the description of the weapon what its trait is. If you do not respect this, you will see that your survivors will not work well in battles.

7. Don't let enemies surround you

It's very easy in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival to find yourself surrounded by zombies or other humans. Do not let this happen! Once they surround your group, it will be very difficult to get out of this. The good thing is that some enemies start the stage close, while others stay further away. This gives you time to focus on eliminating those closest to you. In this type of stage, what matters is to eliminate who is closest to the group first. Once your heroes are more "loose," you can change the strategy.

8. Worry about getting food

It's not just about battle that you live in Road to Survival. Surviving and having a base capable of producing resources is equally important. And one of the most needed resources is food. So worry about building at least two farms. Evolve them whenever possible, as this will increase the amount of food obtained per hour. In addition, completing story missions and raiding other bases will earn you a fair amount of food. Just be sure to use this feature whenever you can, as you are always at risk of being stolen!

9. Improve your buildings

In strategy games like this, it is very important to take care of the base and evolve its constructions. This way you will have access to better items, being able to be successful in your missions. For example: remember to upgrade the house to have more survivors. At the same time, improve the training center, in order to obtain better quality characters with unique skills. The workshop is your place to build items. This building cannot be built right away, but when you can, do it and always try to improve it. Anyway, all buildings need wood to be erected and developed. Make sure you have a constant production of this resource and have high storage capacity.

10. Focus on getting Hunter characters

Hunter- type survivors are the rarest to get in Road to Survival . But not impossible! There are a few ways you can take to try to get them faster. And they all consist of knowing how to train your avatars. If you train survivors in weapon training, it is possible that Carter and Christa, both Hunter , will win In tactical training, Isabel may be obtained. Basic and advanced training can free Jody, but it is more rare. In special weapons, Timothy may win. However, wild training is the most likely to give you a Hunter . This document has been edited with the instant web content composer. The online instant HTML beautifier make a great resource that will help you a lot in your work. Save this link or add it to your bookmarks.

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