Check out our tips for clearing level 130 of the Candy Crush Saga!

Have you reached level 130 of Candy Crush Saga and are unable to advance? Then learn how to get past this stage with our tips. If you exhaust all your movements or score too many points, but still do not reset, something is wrong. You may have zeroed several successive stages on the same day, but stage 130 is the first where there is a specific objective and, therefore, it is so challenging. Check out our guide and find out how to reset this difficult phase.

What to do?

In the previous phases of Candy Crush, it was enough to combine sweets. In phase 130, there is a big difference. Notice the symbol with two striped candies at the top of the screen. So, to reset this phase, you need to combine striped candy five times In other words, it is necessary to create ten striped candies and combine them without exhausting their movements.

Create striped candy

To create striped candies, it is necessary to combine four candies of the same color. Be careful not to combine more than four or you will have an even more powerful candy, but nothing advantageous at this stage.

Tips for getting through stage 130

  • Practice a lot. It is important to have practice to be able to reset this phase;
  • Create striped candies by combining 4 identical candies. No more and no less;
  • The number of moves is limited, so think carefully before playing;
  • Try to align the striped candies vertically for ease;
  • Try not to eliminate striped candy in the same explosion - it can make your moves more difficult;
  • If you think the arrangement of the sweets is not good, start the game again. Remember that some luck is needed.

See how it is possible to reset

Observe the different moves of this Candy Crush player. With a good economy of movements, he can create striped candies in good positions and combine them. Pay particular attention to sweets placed vertically.

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