Cheats of Plague Inc: Evolved for PC

We are going to leave you with all the advice and help we know about Plague Inc Evolved for PC, a game where our mission will be to destroy the world population through different infections, and as it is not an easy task to end the world we will tell you how to get it in the simplest way possible.

Win with Bacteria:

Now we are going to show you a guide where we teach you how to end the entire population through bacteria, for this we must follow a series of steps, so that they can not end our virus and thus overcome.

- In the first place we have to choose a country, and the best option is to choose between one that is large and has contact with almost all countries, but that is not too rich, once the country is chosen we must try to save as much DNA as possible.

- In the second place you must move forward, what you have to do is to evolve transmissions such as water 1, air 1, birds 1 and fauna 1, when you have everything, if you have enough DNA you must use it in the skills of medicines 1, genetic hardening 1, and look at the description of bacterial shell, since it can survive any weather, so it is better to evolve it until our DNA is spent.

- We continue, when we have DNA again, we must continue through the transmissions, water 2, air 2, extreme bioaerosol, and it is possible that we have mutated a symptom, involving it since we have to remain unnoticed until most of the world is infected.

- It is time to watch the news, if something comes out of "Science knows more about Diarrhea," or "Large bird migrations are expected," if it is the first, do not evolve diarrhea because it will cure quickly, if it is the second option that appears we must evolve bird 2, since we will infect many people and continue saving DNA.

- Once at this point we must evolve our disease so that it kills people, if all countries are at least half infected, then you must evolve Toz, Pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, total organ failure, if we already have all infected you must involve all the transmissions, and insomnia, paranoia, convulsions and madness evolves.

- We continue to recharge our DNA, to use it in Genetic Hardening 2, then in Anemia, hemophilia, internal hemorrhage and hemorrhagic shock, if you still have something left over, and the cure is not far from 50%, dysentery and coma evolve, and if it goes for 75% or more, it does not evolve and uses genetic reorganization 1, 2 and 3, and that way you will end up with the entire planet. will make everyone believe they are looking at a real Windows XP operating system, but the thruth is that this is just a simulator running in a web browser.

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