Cheats of Mario Kart: Double Dash for Gamecube

Ghosts: It is possible to unlock the ghosts of the programmers running on each circuit, to see if you are able to overcome their times. For this to happen, get less time than the following to release the corresponding ghost: Rainbow Road: 3 minutes 19 sec. Bowser Castle: 2 minutes 47 sec. Luigi Circuit: 1 minute 29 sec. Mario Circuit: 1 minute 44 sec. Yoshi circuit: 2 minutes 2 sec. Mushroom City: 1 minute 53 sec. Wario Coliseum: 2 minutes 24 sec. Daisy Cruise: 1 minute 55 sec. Dry Desert: 1 minute 53 sec. Waluigi Stadium: 2 minutes 24 sec. Jungle Dino Dino: 2 minutes 3 sec. DK Mountain: 2 minutes 15 sec. Baby Park: 1 minute 14 sec. Peach Beach: 1 minute 15 sec. Mushroom Bridge: 1 minute 34 sec. Sorbet Earth: 1 minute 28 sec. New start screen: Pass all the cups in all difficulties (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror mode). You will get a new start screen and Thanks for Playing. Quick exit: At the beginning of the race, do not press the throttle button until the last light of the exit indicator comes on. If you press it just then you will be shot forward. Secrets: To access each of them, you have to win the gold in each case: 50CC: Champiñon Cup: Green Fire (Vehicle) Flower Cup: Calesin Dorado (Vehicle) Star Cup: For Flying (Vehicle) Special Cup: Bullet Car (Vehicle) 100CC Mushroom Cup: Carricoche Baby Luigi (Vehicle) Flower Cup: Waluigi Car (Vehicle) Star Cup: Special Cup (Competition) Special Cup: Toad, Toadette (Characters) and Toad's car (Vehicle) 150CC: Champiñon Cup: Luigi's Mansion Stage (Battlefield) Flower Cup: Turbo Birdo (Vehicle) Star Cup: Train-Barrel Car (Vehicle) Special Cup: Recopa (Competition) Recopa: Mirror Mode (Mode) Mirror: Mushroom Cup: Toadette Car (Vehicle) Flower Cup: Platform Stage (Battlefield) Star Cup: Floro Piraña, Rey Boo (Characters) and Piranha Tubes (Vehicle) Special Cup: Boo Tubes (Vehicle) Recopa: Gold Car (Vehicle) When you pass the Recopa of the Mirror Mode, the thank you screen that comes out after the credits, is a screen in which all the characters appear. The Golden Car is the car that appears with the champions, every time you win a competition, and when you just got all these secrets, the title screen changes forever for one in which the new characters and go-karts already appear. Everything: Complete all modes and circuits with Gold or being in first position. Turbo in champiñon city: In the route of Champiñon City there are a lot of cars in the middle of the road. If you collide with them you will turn and waste time. But there are vehicles that have the shape and color of mushrooms. Go for them and you will receive a turbo mushroom.

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