Next we are going to show you a series of aids and tips from Dark Souls 3 for PC, this spectacular action game where we must demonstrate our hardness and ability against the innumerable enemies who try to end us without rest.


-Firstly, you should know what each button does since it is vitally important that you know your character well, it is a skill game so we can not beat beating the command as for example we could do in Tekken, or in other titles, Here you must learn and know your character well. -You must learn to perform the Critical Attack, since they are very important to have them dominated in combat when we place ourselves behind the backs of the enemies, since in this way we can do more damage to our rivals. -When you face a new enemy, you must take it easy, to learn the enemy's movement patterns, abilities and fiercest attacks, because if we enter into combat without thinking, they will destroy us on numerous occasions. -You must learn to roll, to always have your enemy fixed and to control your shield as if it were one more extension of you, since it will serve to block many of the attacks, and roll will take you out of the strongest attacks of the enemy and Don't die in a matter of seconds. -You have to know each type of weapon that you handle since each one of them has different abilities and attacks, so knowing the blows that it can perform is vital, or you will get into a good mess. -Try to explore every corner of the map, but pay special attention to the traps when you enter a new area, since it may not be so simple, never trust and go carefully. -Find the shortcuts with the levers and the elevators to save you as much time as possible and not waste your time circling without stopping without knowing where to go. -When you see chests you must attack them to all the enemies that you find, before opening them make sure that there is no one left, since you can take some surprise when opening them and that more enemies appear when opening the chest. -Don't waste and consume the souls of the bosses, since it is better to exchange them for even more powerful weapons, shields and spells. -If you see that you are not able to complete any combat because the boss makes you shred, you will always have the option to join or find other people in online mode who are doing the same combat as you, ask for help or join other warriors to thus face combat more easily. -As soon as possible try to buy the tower key, by doing so you will unlock a ring that increases the amount of souls you collect, so it is quite useful. -When you have enough souls to buy items that you need, do not hesitate to spend them, in this way you do not risk losing them in difficult battles. -Some of our most powerful enemies can do element damage, cold, fire, electricity, etc., so try to find some armor that gives you resistance to that element or blocks that element so that it is easier for you to kill that enemy.

Get snake ring and armor solaire:

Below we show you a guide to get these two objects in a simple and fast way, in fact we can remove our clothes to run faster and get it like this before, the only thing we should do is what is shown in the video and follow the same way, do not hesitate to dare to take these objects since they are worth it, now forward gentleman get your equipment to overcome evil.

Video Guides how to defeat bosses:

Beat Ludex Gundyr: We show you a guide to defeat the boss Ludex Gundyr, it has two phases, the first phase is simple, we wait for you to attack us, and then we take the opportunity to give you some good shots, when the second phase begins you must get away when you attack, approach behind and try to hit everything you can. Beat Big Putrid Forest: You must attack their weak points, for this look for the bulges that explode almost instantly when you attack them, some of these packages we must break them with our bow or crossbow since we will not arrive with the sword, when you see that the wheel moves to move away from it. Beat the Crystal Sage: In order to defeat this fearsome boss, as soon as the fight begins we must throw ourselves for him and attack him, when he disappears, hide because when he appears he will throw you crystals, once dodged we must dodge the spells he throws at us, since some can be very strong , try to eliminate the clones as quickly as possible. Defeat the Abyss Watchers: In the first phase attack the first guard but dodging their counterattacks, when you see the second guard you must run throughout the room until the third guard appears, when there are 2 guards they will fight each other, take advantage of that moment to end them, When the second phase begins, something more complicated, you must learn the attack patterns of the last guard.

Guide to access the Archdragon Peak:

Now we show you a video guide with the location so you can enter the Archdragon Peak quickly and easily without ending all the enemies that we will find in our path.

Infinite Souls Guide:

Then we show you a little trick to get infinite souls with any boss, this trick may be patched later, if for some reason you need to do it again you must undo the updates to be able to do it, in version 1.03 it works correctly.

How to get Infinite experience:

Today we bring you a trick that surely likes more than one that has been frustrated with the difficulty of the game. If we want a little help this cheat is perfect for you. It helps us to level up in a legal way by farming experience in a specific place marked in the video.

Location Undead Bone Fragments:

Now we show you a guide with all the collectibles of the bone fragments of the undead in Dark Souls 3, so that you can fully enjoy obtaining all the fragments with their exact locations. Living dead settlement: The first bone fragment can be found in the settlement of the walking dead, in the area with giant spears, we must look for a bright white object on the edge of a large piece of land near the edge of the cliff. Way of Sacrifices: First we travel to the bonfire and then we go to the swamp, towards the great stone door, we will see a tower to the right of the door, in the tower we can find the stone fragment guarded by some enemies. Cathedral of the Depths: This fragment can be found very close to the entrance where the bonfire of the cathedral is, by the cemetery near the edge of the cliff next to an ancient tomb. Carthus catacombs: Go down the long stairs until you find a skeleton throwing fireballs, when you pass the stone arch wait for the skeleton with the fireball to the arch and see the fragment fall, take it before it touches the ground. Smoldering Lake: To get this fragment we must discover the dark area of the lake, what we have to do is go down the collapsed bridge just before the fight against the high lord Wolnir, we descend and continue until we see a giant worm, now it is time to eliminate the worm to Get the snippet. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley: Travel to the bonfire of the Yorshka church, go down the stairs near the garden, go to the right wall and go straight until you see a large stone at the end, behind this stone is the fragment. Dungeon Irithyll: You go to the bonfire of the desecrated Capitol, look for a nearby corpse that contains a shiny object, approach the body and collect the fragment. Lothric Castle: We go to the bonfire closest to the entrance of the castle, go to the bridge to find the dragon duo, run over the bridge and just before reaching the end jump down to find the fragment in a corpse on the ledge below. Lothric Castle: Travel to the Bonfire of Big Files and then take the nearest elevator up, take the exit on the left, when you reach the top you will see a balcony turn to the right and you will see a corpse sitting in a chair that contains the last fragment near the pool.

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