American Truck Simulator Cheats for PC

Now we show you a series of tricks and aids of American Truck Simulator for PC, the game where we have to drive a large road, we will have several types of trucks and different types of cargo, and as always Trucoteca wants to help you to deliver all Merchandise without any mishap.

Activate tricks:

To be able to introduce the tricks that we will list below we must modify a series of files to be able to take out the command console inside the game, first we must go to the directory where we have the game installed, we will see a file with the name of «Config» , as we are going to modify this file it is advisable to make a backup copy of this file, then we open it with a text editor, (Notepad), we look for the line where we see «uset g-developer« 0 »» and we must also search the line that says " uset g_console" 0 "" , when we find these two lines, the only thing we have to do is change the value "0" to a "1", save the changes and close everything, then we must open the game.

Activate the console:

To open the command console we must be inside the game, once in the press the «~» key, depending on some keyboards can also be activated with the «º» key is located to the left of the 1 in the upper left of the keyboard , once the command console is opened, we only have to enter the tricks listed below to obtain the desired effect.


Goto (City Name): Teleports the truck by pressing F9 to the city you have indicated. g_police (0 or 1): Activate or deactivate the police. with 0 they are activated and with 1 they are deactivated. g_traffic (0 or 1): Activate or deactivate traffic on the road. f-fullscreen (0 or 1): Displays full screen. g-set-time (number): Change the system time for the number you enter.

Do not pay Gasoline:

In order not to have to spend money at the gas stations, when you refuel your truck to the top of the fuel, save the game, close the game, reload the saved game and you will see that you can leave the service station without paying anything and the deposit of Your truck will remain full. Use the online HTML, CSS, JavaScript resources to generate the perfect code in your web projects

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