Championships, stages and other things of the game God Of war 2: Divine Retribution of PC Arena of Destinations (Fates) : Get the Titan rank in the Titans Championship Titans Championship : Finish the game on any difficulty

Video guide location urns of power

Titan Difficulty : Finish the game on any difficulty Prometheus urn: Fury of infinite titans. Urn of the Fates: Increase your ability to make long combos. Poseidon Urn: Access to the magic Poseidon's Fury of the first GOW. Treasures: Once the game is finished for the first time, enter the treasures section of the menu will be the first, we will explain to unlock the following. Challenges of the Titans: With all the techniques learned in the adventure, you will now have to face 7 exciting fighting challenges. Arena of the Fates: Practice area where only the best access., You need the titan grade in challenge of titans. Game movies : Watch all the scenes of the game video both in high resolution and in its original order. Titan mode: Only for the most advanced and skilled. Complete the adventure at any level and you can replay it in this supreme difficulty mode. New suits and armor : Athena: Finish the game in Titan mode Dark Odyssey: Finish the game in God mode General Kratos: Finish 20 Cyclops eyes, killing them with a sensitive movement (circle) Armor of God: Finish the rank God in the championship God of War Costume: Finish the game on any difficulty Hercules: Finish the game in Titan Armor mode Hydra: Finish the game on any difficulty Power urns. They will serve you for the second game: Gaia Urn: Multiply by 10 the value of each orb you collect. Gorgon Urn: Turn your enemies into stone. Olympus urn: Infinite magic power.

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