Here are a series of tips and tricks of Need for Speed Underground for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Codes / Keys:

Start the game normally. Before entering any of the following tricks, go to Statistics and go back out with BACK. Then in the main menu, press DEL or DELETE and type one of the following codes: ALLMYLVL2PARTS: All level 2 performance improvements. ALLMYLVLONEPARTS: All level 1 performance improvements. DRIFTDRIFTBABY: All Drift circuits. GIMMEPPABLO: Petey Pablo's car (Mitsubishi Motors Eclipse). GIMMESOMECIRCUITS: All circuits. GIMMESOMEDRAG: All Drag circuits. GIMMESOMESPRINTS: All Sprint circuits. GOTCHAROBZOMBIE: Rob Zombie car (Nissan 350Z). HAVYAMYSTIKAL: Mystickal car (Toyota Celica). NEEDMYLOSTPROPHETS: Lost Prophets car (Nismo Nissan Sentra). SEEMYLVL1PARTS: All static improvements of Level 1. SEEMYLVL2PARTS: All visual enhancements level 2. SLIDINGWITHSTYLE: Skid physics.

More cars:

Enter the code you want: 119focus: Ford Focus. 222lancer: Mitsubishi Lancer. 228 supra : Toyota Supra. 239celica: Toyota Celica. 371impreza: Subaru Impreza. 893neon: Dodge Neon. 899eclipse: Mitsubishi Eclipse. 922sentra: Nissan Sentra. 111skyline: Skyline. 2000s2000: S2000. 221miata: Miata. 240240sx: 240SX. 334mygolf: Mygolf. 350350z: 350Z. 667tiburon: Shark. 777rx7: RX7. 77peugeot: Peugeot. 889civic: Updated Honda Civic. 973rsx777: Updated Mazda RX7. Givemenismo: Nissan Sentra Nismo. Trick to Change Idiama to Spanish: Here is a trick to get back to your Need For Speed Underground game from English to Spanish. Steps to follow: 1.- Create a folder in my documents, you can put any name to the folder, but do not lose sight of it or do not close it. 2.- In another window go to the folder where you installed the game: C: Program Files EA GAMESNeed For Speed Underground. 3.- Go to the folder called Languages and copy the following files that appear in that folder to the folder you created in my documents: LANGUAGE_SPANISH Spanish 4.- After we copy them, we place ourselves in the folder that we created in my documents and change their names without losing the order they are in, as follows: we change it to the following name and extension: agree. eng LANGUAGE_SPANISH we change it to the following name: LANGUAGE_ENGLISH Spanish we change it to the following name: English. 5.- After we change the name of the three files, we copy them again to the Languages folder that is located in the game folder that is: C: Program FilesEA GAMESNeed For Speed Underground. 6.- A window will appear where you want to replace the files? We say yes to everything. 7.- You run your game and READY! this in Spanish.

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