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Traps and tips Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PS4

For the lovers of the Dragon Ball saga, the new installment arrives with more action than ever, so in Trucoteca we leave you with all the information we know about the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for PlayStation 4, so that you can destroy your enemies and become in the best warrior of all time.


In this second installment of the Xenoverse saga we will have the same main mission, we will embody a temporary patrolman to prevent the world from changing history, only that in the second installment we will have more customization options and how could it be less known characters, The graphics of course have also been improved, we will also have different possibilities depending on the race of our warrior.


As in the previous saga we still have the 5 previous races, Humans, Saiyans, Majins, Namekianos, Frieza, but the novelty is that now each race has exclusive characteristics, another important novelty is the city of Toki-Toki that has been replaced by the city of Conton, larger and with some areas where you can fly, depending on the race we have chosen we will have exclusive areas such as the Namek village if we are Namekianos or the Freezer ship if we choose that race, where we can perform special missions and learn new techniques, it is best that we now make decisions about the main story.

Get Z Rank:

To get the Z Rank in all the missions of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 we will have to perform some complicated tasks, we will explain how to get it most of the times since this range does not always come out, for this we must first end the enemies using an Ultimate attack, which will increase our score a lot. You should also try to have a success of at least 80% in terms of the blows you throw at the opponent, it is not worth it to block or dodge, you have to hit. Another factor to take into account is the time it takes to complete the mission, the faster we complete it, the more likely we will have to reach the Z rank. If you manage to end up with more than 80% health you will also increase the probability of achieving the Z rank considerably. , if you also finish the transformed mission will also increase,

Get Unleashed Power:

We talked about getting the transformation that Mystic Ghoan gets after being trained by the old Kayoshin, this great power unleashes the full force of a character without needing to transform into Super Saiyan, and that you can also use any of the races, the load of Ki It is loaded at a dizzying speed, and it is also charged when attacking the opponent. To achieve this we must do the instruction missions of the robot that we have in front of the academy, next to Kayoshin, as we fight in different ways, a master bar will increase, at each level we climb we will perform a test, we must get all the tests with Rank Z, and when we have the mastery bar to the maximum, a new fight will be opened that if we manage to overcome it, we will be rewarded with this powerful new transformation. -At the beginning of the game we will climb quickly, since the first levels require little experience, but even so it is good to do the training and tests, another good way is to go to the Orange Star Institute to perform the training, in this way we will climb very Quickly over the first levels. -The secondary missions are small challenges that have several rewards, in them we can obtain prizes depending on the possibilities that this challenge has, but whenever we complete it we will receive a good amount of experience, the greater the difficulty of the mission the more experience we will get , the difficulty is measured depending on the stars that the mission has. -As we move through the game we will be unlocking teachers who will propose new missions, we must try to reach the end, since in the final mission apart from giving us their most powerful attacks they will reward us with a lot of experience, and the greater it is the experience of the teacher more experience we will get. -In the game we will have five temporary failures which will give us a lot of experience if we finish the missions that facilitate us, in addition to getting the eggs of temporary distortion, which will help us to see the end of the game, the missions will give us enough experience especially if They are those of Frieza's army.

Unlock Super Vegito:

In order to get all the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 unlockable characters you will need Super Vegito, and in Trucoteca we will tell you how to get it, you must first overcome mission 91 with the Ultimate Finish, but you must keep Nappa and Raditz has alive, and defeating So to Goku and Vegito, that way you will unlock Super Vegito to be able to play with him and thus eliminate all your enemies with this powerful character.

Unlock Gogeta Super Saiyan:

To get Gogeta in the form of Super Saiyan we must advance to mission 81, once in the mission we must eliminate all enemies including Gogeta itself in less than eight minutes, it can be difficult but it will be worth the reward of having This amazing and strong character.

Unlock Gogeta SSJ4:

to get this character we must perform a series of steps, which we feel warn will not be simple, but as always in Trucoteca we will teach you how to get this powerful character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The first thing we must do is get to mission 94, which It's called Supreme Power, Supreme Saiyan, it's a 7-star mission, we'll have to fight a strong fight so be prepared. In the fight you must face Son Goku in Super Saiyan 4 and Vegeta in Super Saiyan 4 at the same time, shortly after they merge and we must fight again to defeat him, although now it will be something simpler since it is only one and not two as In the previous fight, but don't fall asleep that it will be a hard fight, at the end of the fight you will be granted a new skill, the «Kamehameha de Farol», and in the selection of characters this powerful character will already be unlocked at the end of the mission 94.

Unlock Kaito Strike:

In order to unlock the powerful Kaito Strike you will have to travel to mission number eight, once in the mission you must defeat Kaioken Goku leaving Nappa alive at the end of the mission, with that you will get the normal Kaito strikes x3 and x20.

Unlock Potential Unleashed:

It will be unlocked when you pass the Z Rank tests, when you pass the first five a sixth will appear, when you pass it you will have access to this fearsome ability.

Unlock Super Siayan Shape:

First you must reach level 30, when you reach it go to see Vegeta in the Capsule Corp. When you talk to him, you will open the necessary missions to unlock it, and with this you can get up to the third level of Super Saiyan, if you complete it zone when you reach level 60 you will also be able to unlock Super Vegeta.

Unlock Super Saiyan of the Future:

To get this new form, you must first complete the game with the same character and have all the factions fulfilled 100%, you will receive an egg from them, when you have them advance in the story and someone will ask you for the famous and famous Bardock , Continue with your search until you reach the mission in which you will be given this new ability.

Unlock Goku Black:

For those fans of the Dragon Ball world we have bad news to give you, and that is that only some users can play with Goku Black and they are those who have reserved the game before its launch or those who have bought the Day-One Edition edition of This moment is only for these users but in the future it will be a downloadable content that will surely have to be bought if we want to play with this powerful character.

Movies in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2:

In this new installment we will have movies in the game's plot, so there will be new stories to patrol in order to prevent them from being modified, we will also see new characters in these movies, which increases the combinations, something that will undoubtedly make us spend hours playing and living the world of Dragon Ball.

4 star Dragon Ball:

If by any chance we are missing only the four-star dragon ball we can get it in front of the Snaud NPC, which is located outside the Orange Star High School, that way we will get the dragon ball with the four stars.

Get dragon balls:

As we well know getting the seven dragon balls we can make a wish to the dragon, because this helps us to unlock a large number of characters, so we will have to get all the dragon balls several times if we want to have them all. To get the seven dragon balls faster, we must eliminate many patrols of the time, we recommend having a level between 20-30 since they are strong, the best we can do is go to the parallel mission number 4, when going to it is the faster way to get these precious balls, since the patrollers often release them very often, in that mission we will see the well-known Yamcha, Krillin and Ten Shin Han, hit them as hard as you can so that the space patrollers appear later and thus obtain Dragon Balls. You will have to get tired of killing our beloved Yamcha, Krillin and Ten Shin Han several times, think that each character is a wish, and each wish is the seven magic balls, it is best to complete the game at least once, and then perform this task To get them all.


- Define the strengths of your character, it is important that each player check the statistics and thus determine the strengths and special attacks before going as an SUV without knowing your character well, the better you know him, the better warrior you will be. - Check and have control of your inventory it is important to know the amount and number of resources we have while we are playing to know if we must continue or return to the city to make some changes. - Do not be afraid to spend the Zeni, (Currency of the game), whenever you see that you can improve some aspect of your character do not hesitate to do so, since it can help you in next missions, you must always be prepared to fight, and not spend coins It will be no problem, since we will get quite as we play. - Use the enemies to give you an advantage, you must learn to use your enemies and take them to your game mode, in this way you will improve your performance and endure more fighting. Use the online Word editor program to compose visual documents in your web browser for free.

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