Chapter 1 and 2: Game modes and characters - The Laguna Negra Boarding School for DS

Organization of the chapters in the game. We will find the game divided into different chapters, each chapter will more or less represent the plot development that we have seen in each of the television seasons, that is: the game will begin with the arrival of Marcos and Paula at the boarding school and chapter 1 will end with the death of Cayetano, although the game skips some parts of the argument seen in these seasons, especially the parts that correspond to the secondary plots of the argument. There will be four chapters in total, the fourth will begin as the fourth season but will end with an alternative ending of the original plot seen in the series of "the boarding school." Game mode. The game will be developed basically focusing on the different investigations that the boys of the boarding school will carry out, but not only will we stay there, there will be moments of tension that will reach us especially when there is an objective and along the path that we will have to travel to to be able to reach it there are obstacles: how can they be teachers (who will chase you because you are awake and spinning when you should be in bed) or strangers (You have to take into account that the passages are dangerous ...) that chase you, seek or are patrolling for The school facilities. Characters. Only these characters will appear in the game (Yes, we already know that some of the main ones are missing, but what are we going to do). In Chapter 1: Marcos (Playable), Carolina (Playable), Vicky (Playable), Iván (Playable ), Paula, Héctor, María, Jacinta, Roque, Cayetano, Alfonso, False Ricardo Montoya, the Gnome (Shadow) .In Chapter 2: Mateo, Julia (Playable), Fermín, Camilo.

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