Here are a series of tips / tricks of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Extra Unlockable Costumes:

If you have a game loaded on your Street Fighter X Tekken console, a series of 5 extra suits will be automatically unlocked. They are not the same as those obtained when booking the game. Below we detail what suits they are and for what characters. Hugo Viking suit. School uniform for Elena. "Military" suit for Poison. Plumber suit for Rolento. Decapre costume "bad girl" (SFxTK Cammy).

Fight against Extra Bosses:

To be able to face Boss (Boss) Extras such as "Seth" you will have to meet some requirements with each character to get to that extra phase. Akuma: Don't lose any round and get a "Perfect" victory. Evil Ryu: Never miss a round and enjoy a "Perfect." It is also achieved by defeating Seth with a Super or Ultra Combos. Gouken: Don't lose any round and get a "Perfect" victory. It is also achieved by achieving the first 10 attacks and ending 5 fights with Super or Ultra Combos. Oni: Don't lose any round and get a "Perfect" victory. It can also be achieved if you make the first 10 attacks and ending the fighting with five Super or Ultra Combos. In the same way you beat Seth.

Extra bonus levels:

Get Car Level: To get it you will have to complete the Arcade mode in the difficulty mode you want. Get Barrel Level: Follow the same steps as before to unlock this level.

Get the characters locked:

Fei Long: Move to the arcade mode with Abel. Cammy: Go on arcade mode with Crimsom Viper. Gen: Move to arcade mode with Chun li. Rose: Go on arcade mode with M. Bison. Sakura: Have an arcade mode with Ryu. Seth: Move to arcade mode with all game characters (except unlockables). Dan: Have an arcade mode with Sakura. Akuma: Have an arcade mode with all the characters in the game. Gouken: Move to the entire arcade mode with Akuma.

How to fight with a second opponent:

Only available for Ryu, Cammy, Chun-li, Seth, C. Viper and Guile. Press and hold all the kick buttons just when you see the phrase Fight!

Unlock 2 additional colors:

To unlock two additional colors in Ultra Street Fighter IV, you just need to have a game of the original Street Fighter IV saved in your console. Once you have loaded the ST4 game data in your console, start Ultra Street Fighter IV and a dialog box will appear in the main menu saying that colors 11 and 12 have been unlocked.

Prize Codes:

To enter these Prize Codes, simply access the player data screen from the Main Menu. At the bottom of the list of available options, Award Code , it is quite visible. Selecting this option will skip a box in which you will have to enter the following numerical codes to unlock the respective titles . A player appears: MTXMYW139YPZJI The Absolute Drama: W0ZSV5SYW2ZEEJ Angry Dog: LPTPV4J9PMLW5B The best Combo: 82SPR56FW3JX48 Best luck next time !: M42OLW0IHGLGMJ Bold Cat: OFU11HD1VC3TJ5 Summer breath: H3EO9O5MZTCMLQ Cheers !: 0QLBUU3LB7R8WO Chocolate chip cookies: 2592B6JIV6CR49 Combo Combo Combo !: Q7V887R20SOLBC Dream Strike: GVQ5KMMLP8I6L1 Feels good: 9S2E7ERBCPMMPO Fight throughout the year: EWSK6LY7LBMP9T Give me another: FPWA10SMZ378IT Justice to the end: 1H98PF2079P43T Lightning Explosion: XVCXTA1Y16R9AG Nightmare: 7QSID0IM3PPY3V Bright Platinum: 9QSPWS2LIOZWXL Animator Pro: T9N4MH7IIHT3R0 Skillful Brother: 277B47IFXCUUXB Hit with style: OY3Z7APLVKV4Z4 Flash Sword: 8RGYZWZMJRL2OP You need a spanking !: CS93SZDFK5JLTI Capcom fighter: 8TGIXJVLEKEHG8

Language Issue:

There is nothing better than mastering languages. Of course, Ken and company have studied thinking that anyone in the world could play with them. To choose each character's voice, beat the game once in Arcade mode with any fighter and then head to the character voice options screen. In addition to being able to choose the English and Japanese voices for each of them, it will be possible to select the voice of each of the independent characters. With this, for example you can listen to Ryu speaking in English and Ken in Japanese in the same fight. Come on, which is the closest thing to being in the Tower of Babel. Use the online WYSIWYG HTML beautifier to compose the content for your website easily.

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