Improve your chances: Press the º key during the game to display the console. There you can enter any of the codes that we indicate. Very important note: Keep in mind that counter strike is a multiplayer game, for online or network games and that by activating the tricks you will be changing the rules which affects other players. Do not activate the tricks if it is not with the consent of the rest of the players involved! sv_cheats 1: Activate tricks. notarget: They won't be able to see you noclip: you go through walls. god: activate the god mode. bot_kill: remove bots. bot_knives_only 1: bots only use knives. bot_pistols_only: bots only use guns. bot_zombie 1: still bots. restart: restart the map without losing what was achieved. sv_gravity x: adjust the gravity being "x" a value between 999 and 999999. Only if you have thrown the game. changelevel (map name): select map. mp_c4timer x: timer to "x", "x" being a value between 1000 and 1000.

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