Mario Kart Tour: how to play Coin Fever mode

Mario Kart Tour is an entirely free game. It has microtransactions and loot boxes , but none of this is necessary to evolve in the game . Mainly because you have Coin Fever mode. There you can collect more than 300 coins in a single spin, multiplying them by up to 10x! In this tutorial article we will teach you how to earn a lot of coins in this mode. With them you can buy new aisles, cars and items, like the glider.

What is Coin Fever mode?

First, let's understand what Currency Fever mode is. At the top of the game you can see how many coins you have. On the side there is a + sign. Clicking there will bring you to a screen, where you will access a race to collect extra coins. You will control a Golden Mario, which, during a spin, will attract coins. You can win over 300 if you are a good driver. But best of all, they are multiplied by 2x, 6x or 10x. As long as you have at least 5 rubies, you can participate as much as you want.

Save 25 rubies

Now that you know what Currency Fever is, let's get to the tips. As to play it depends on having rubies, the first step is to save these precious stones. With 5 rubies you can already participate in this way, but the ideal is to have 25. With 25 all the coins you get will be multiplied by 10x, as you can see below:
  • Coins x 2 = spend 5 rubies
  • Coins x 6 = spend 15 rubies
  • Coins x 10 = spend 25 rubies

Leave the car in the middle of the track

Once you choose which coin multiplier to use, the race will begin. Once there, you will see that there are no opponents. It's you and more than 300 gold coins. Picking them up is relatively easy, as the Golden Mario attracts them as if he had a magnet. But don't be fooled into thinking that just drive and go. Always stay in the middle of the track. This is fundamental. Doing so will ensure that Mario's magnet will actually pick up all the coins on the way. In addition it is not worthwhile to do a lot of drift and use the turbo. There are risks of losing control of the car, which can cause you to stop picking up some coins. So at the start of the race, leave without the initial turbo. At the end of the race, the amount of coins obtained will be multiplied by the multiplier selected before the challenge. Now just use or save your prize to purchase new runners. They are available on a rotating basis in the game store . See our review of Mario Kart Tour Meet all playable characters in the game 11 tips for doing well on the Mario Kart Tour "Eliminate 3 pipes" tutorial

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