To improve your characters in Brawl Stars, you need to earn some items like Star Tokens, Trophies, Coins and Gems. It seems quite confusing, as each of these items serves a different purpose. However, if you want your Brawlers' abilities and powers to increase, those items are the only way. Take a look at this guide and find out all about these treasures!

Star Chips

Star Tokens are very specific items and picking them up is a slow process. A player can only earn Star Tokens once per event and they change daily. If we can access all events, we can get up to four tokens per day . That is, to accumulate ten tokens, we will need at least three days. To earn Star Chips you need to:
  • Win matches . Something obvious, but it applies to all main modes except Survival. If you are on the winning team, you get the Star Token, not being the most valuable player of the match.
  • In Survival mode it is necessary to reach at least the fourth position. It does not matter if you win the game or not, if you reached that position you can already get a Star Token.
Once you have accumulated 10 Star Tokens , you can open large boxes. These boxes are very useful, as they have more valuable content than Brawl boxes, with more coins, strength points and even new Brawlers. Find out all about the latest Brawl Stars update!

Standard Sheets

Normal Tokens are ... normal! This means that they are much easier to earn, accumulating quickly. If you play frequently and get good results in matches, it is relatively easy to get those chips in large quantities. When you get 100 Normal Tokens, you can open a Brawl box. This is the sole purpose of the Normal Tokens, but as they are easy to pick up, you will be able to open several boxes a day. To win normal chips, you need to:
  • Win Matches . In all modes, except Survival, you will earn 20 chips for winning the match.
  • In Survival mode , you will win more chips according to your position. Better position, more chips.
  • Climb the Ranked and climb Elo. Each time your Brawler moves up, you will get ten chips. Each time you link up, you'll get 20 tokens.
  • Unlock new events . When selecting game modes, unlocking a new daily event will earn you ten chips.
In addition to these forms, there are also duplicators . These items allow you to double the amount of chips you win in a match until you run out. You can buy duplicators at the store, wait for them to come out in Brawl boxes, or unlock some using trophies. Of course, it is more advantageous and cheaper to wait for them to come out in Brawl boxes.


Trophies are used to unlock all kinds of rewards: boxes, coins, strength points, Brawlers, duplicators, etc. This type of reward is random, without the player being able to choose what he wants to win. Advancing in the game picking up trophies, you can win much bigger prizes, such as Megacounts, more coins than normal etc. From the moment the player obtains 500 trophies, he will become part of the Madeira League, which means that he entered the ranking. From now on, you can move up the ranks and, who knows, become the best Brawler in the world. Your trophies are the sum of all trophies won by each Brawler. Each character goes up the ranks alone and, with increasing difficulty, it becomes more difficult to win trophies and you can even lose some if you are defeated or stay in low positions. Avoid this disadvantage by varying from Brawler. Find out which are the best Brawlers for each mode! The duration of each season in Brawl Stars is two weeks. All players with 3000 or more trophies will win between 100 and 860 regular chips, depending on their ranking.

Gold Coins and Gems

The coins of gold and gems are the virtual money Brawl Stars. Both are obtained by playing games and opening boxes , with varying amounts. Gold coins are much more common to win, appearing in any type of box or when accessing a new trophy. Coins are used to improve the skills and powers of our Brawlers. The gems , although they are found in boxes, are very rare. So, the best way to buy gems is using real money. You can use gems to unlock Brawlers, improve your skills, buy duplicators, boxes of all kinds and even gold coins.

What are event tickets for?

Tickets are only for playing at weekend events. Winning or losing doesn't matter, you'll spend a ticket anyway. Tickets appear in the boxes, both in the Brawl and in the Mega Boxes, and occasionally you can get some free tickets, as long as you accumulate 950 trophies. Now that you know how they work and what the different Brawl Stars items are for, learn 10 tips to start playing in style!

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