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Check out all the rules for Ultimatum mode in Fortnite!

See how Ultimatum mode works in Fortnite! The new mode inspired by the movie Avengers: Endgame arrived with the 8.50 patch and brings to the battle royale Thanos, Infinity Stones, Captain America’s shield and more.

See below how the new mode works and go to Infinite War!

Fortnite Ultimate Mode Rules

  • In Ultimatum mode, the battle takes place between the team of Heroes and the team formed by Thanos and the Chitauri army.
  • All players are reborn a few seconds after their eliminations.
  • The Jewels of Infinity appear successively in random places on the map, indicated by a beam of light the color of the Jewel.

Team of Heroes

  • The objective of the Heroes team is to defeat Thanos and the Chitauri army.
  • The Heroes start the game with a map that indicates the location of Mythic items from the Avengers. Mythical items are:
    • Iron Man thrusters : allow you to glide and fire lightning from your hands.
    • Captain America’s Shield : Allows you to defend attacks and hurl it to deal damage.
    • Arco do Gavião Arqueiro : allows you to shoot explosive arrows and arrows with hooks for movement.
    • Thor’s Stormbreaker : The ax can be used with melee blows, thrown, and while you’re in the air, makes you advance to the indicated location and deal damage in the area.
  • Each Hero can carry more than one of the items mentioned above.
  • Other Avengers items can be found in chests on the map.
  • Heroes have 300 HP .

Thanos team

  • The team is made up of Chitauri invaders. The first to collect an Infinity Gem will become Thanos.
  • The team’s goal is to collect the six Infinity Stones and then defeat the Heroes team. This means that, even with the Jewels gathered, it is still possible to lose the match (even though it is unlikely).
  • Chitauri invaders start with 125 HP and are armed with a powerful laser beam, anti-structure grenades and a jetpack that allows for high jumps.
  • Thanos has a powerful punch, laser beam and the ability to return to the air and land for damage in the area.
  • Whenever an Infinity Gem is collected, chitauri gain an additional 25 HP and Thanos’ abilities gain more strength:
    • Reality Gem (Red) : HP and Shield x2 (1000 → 2000).
    • Soul Jewel (Orange) : Activates the Siphon (grants Thanos shield only).
    • Mind Jewel (Yellow) : Doubles the jump height.
    • Space Gem (Blue) : Ground Pound damage increased by 6x and area of effect increased by 3x.
    • Power Jewel (Purple) : Laser damage increased by 6x.
  • If Thanos is eliminated, another chitauri will become him in a few seconds (unless he is already the last one alive on the team).
  • If Thanos and his team collect the six Jewels, no one on the Heroes’ team will be able to be reborn.

Check below the power of Thanos with all the Jewels!

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