Best Online and Offline RPG Games to play on Android Phones

RPG games are popular on PC, consoles as well as mobile phones. If you have an Android device, you cannot miss these games that offer many hours of adventure and fun. In RPG's, you can become the hero or villain you've always dreamed of by plunging into a world of your choice. You can spend hours improving your attributes, clearing dungeons or exploring territories. Check out the best RPG's to play on your Android device.

MMORPG's for Android

Dungeon Hunter V

Download here. In a world overrun by evil forces, you will have your chance to eliminate them in Dungeon Hunter V . There are over 90 missions where you can chase various types of monsters and bad guys, and you can collect various powers and weapons. This is one of the deepest RPG's you can experience, with story mode, online mode and cooperative mode. In all of them, you have the opportunity to kill monsters in dungeons, level up, unleash new armor and create strong weapons. The game is very large , so you need to pay attention to the storage available.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Download here. A mix of Pokémon and Clash of Clans , in Summoners War: Sky Arena you have to summon monsters to evolve them and recover mana crystals. In addition, you will need to do this while protecting your villages. The graphics are very good and the amount of monsters available - over 400 - makes this online RPG one of the best mobile experiences you can have.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Download here. Based on a successful franchise, Lineage 2: Revolution is a recent mobile MMORPG with beautiful graphics and a great deal of different content. You can do the usual tasks such as completing quests or entering clan battles, or participating in 50v50 battles, something unique in games of this genre.

Order and Chaos Online 2

Download here. This is one of the most popular mobile RPG's out there. You can choose from five races and five classes and you also have access to many mission types and co-op and jvj modes. In addition, there is a trading system with an Auctioneer that makes Order and Chaos Online 2 one of the most complete mobile experiences you can have.

AdventureQuest 3D

Download here. Adventure Quest is a considerably growing MMORPG . You'll have many quests to complete and dungeons to explore while improving your character's equipment and attributes. In addition, one of the advantages of the game is the ability to play on both a mobile device and PC while keeping the same account.

Arcane Legends

Download here. This popular MMORPG is no longer very recent, but it is still one of the best you can play on your mobile. Players can choose from one of three available classes, each with unique talents and powers. From there, you can try the game in jvj or co-op modes, each with several interesting tasks. Arcane Legends is updated frequently, so you won't run out of things to do.

Aurcus Online

Download here. Arcus Online is an online RPG of the same essence as most games, but its combat can be dynamic and fun enough to draw attention. With simple attack mechanics, the moves are easy to perform and the stunts fun to see. Plus, you have everything else you can expect from an MMORPG.


Download here. This is one of the most successful mobile MMORPGs. HIT includes a giant equipment system, simple controls and beautiful graphics. However, you will still be able to play on almost every device as it is a relatively light game . In addition, the game is updated regularly, keeping players busy with new content.

RPG's offline for Android

Exiled kingdoms

Download here. Exiled Kingdoms is an action RPG where the player will have to talk to various characters in order to advance in the game and find his own way. Also, your actions will have consequences on the story. As with most roleplaying games you have to improve your character, follow the story and explore the world around you.


Download here. Evoland is a mix of classic RPG with adventure. The game itself is about the evolution of video games, starting with just two colors and a 2D character. As it progresses, it unleashes new technologies and graphics until it reaches the modern age. The trip is also covered in references to RPG's and classic movies, containing a number of easter eggs.

Knights of Pen and Paper

Download here. Knights of Pen and Paper combines the real world with the virtual. The game is focused on a group of RPG fans who come together to play a game similar to Dungeons & Dragons . The game mechanics are interesting with a classic atmosphere and retro visuals . In addition, there are many missions and dungeons to explore.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

Download here. If you are a fan of D&D games, then this is an essential title for you. The game uses the modified version of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition rules and is one of the fantasy classics that begins in your castle and ventures into a mysterious, war-torn world. His adventures include mythical creatures and medieval kingdoms. At Baldur's Gate , you can experience a true old-school RPG by recruiting multiple teammates and improving your hero in many ways. If you like clearing dungeons and killing monsters, then these games are right for you.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Download here. If you are a Star Wars fan , then this is the game for you. True, the game may be a little heavy on some weaker devices, but this is one of the most complete RPG's you can try on Android. KOTOR is the summary of an RPG classic of Star Wars , with several characters to choose to form your team, eight planets known franchise to visit, and various powers, including force, to master.

The Banner Saga

Download here. This classic game not only includes an exciting storyline that will force you to make tough decisions , but also a challenging turn-based fighting system. It also has phenomenal graphics and a soundtrack, complementing the atmosphere of the game. The plot will mix themes of survival , conflict and hope, which will keep you glazed in the game for hours.

Final Fantasy Series

Download here. There are twelve different franchise games you can try on your Android device and they're all worth it. If you're a fan of the series, then at least one of these titles must be in your mobile game library. Keep in mind that each of these games will need a lot of storage space. Final Fantasy is one of the most popular and beloved role-playing franchises in the world. With a large selection of interesting characters and fantastic stories , you have plenty to choose from. Also, playing with sound is critical, as the soundtracks are phenomenal.

Dragon Quest V

Download here. A traditional gameplay RPG, Dragon Quest V features one of the best stories you can experience. You follow your character from birth to adulthood, including all the tragedies and triumphs of his life. Plus, the game has a monster -catching mechanic that predates Pokémon games and is a lot of fun. Since the game is played with the vertical screen, you can even play at discrete moments. If you also like playing other genres on your mobile phone, check out the best offline and online Android games.

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