The Minecraft phenomenon has certainly accumulated many imitators over the years. Several games have taken advantage of the game's aesthetics and simple premise to add extra elements to the genre, be it action, adventure, RPG or more you'll see in this article. Check out 8 Minecraft-like games below to keep building and destroying everything!

1. Block Story

Platforms: PC, Android and iOS There was no way Block Story could be more like Minecraft. The game has everything Minecraft offers and more: RPG elements. You enter a huge, fully editable open world where you can build whatever you want, all while fighting dragons, acquiring magic weapons, learning new skills, completing quests, leveling up and all the rest typical of RPGs. Block Story has a large online community that shares textures, mods and other elements to customize the game. Overall, the game is basically identical to Minecraft (including the graphics) and has a lot of content and secrets for you to discover. You must play Block Story if:
  • You are a fan of Minecraft and likes RPGs.

2. Thunder

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One Thunder is another game that mixes the elements of Minecraft with RPG. The game also contains a vast open world and an absurd number of character customization options. Trove is a game that greatly encourages interaction between players. You will often need to form groups to get the most out of all the map has to offer, such as dungeons and bosses that are hard to fight on your own. You must play Thunder if:
  • Likes Minecraft and RPGs that involve interaction with other players.

3. Lego Worlds

Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Inspired by Minecraft, which is obviously inspired by the Lego universe, Lego World offers all the charm and beauty of the toy brand to the virtual world. Here you can do everything with the scenario: build, destroy, copy, paste, finally, reshape the way you want. Lego World has two main aspects: on the one hand you have to explore the world, do quests and level up to get new skills. On the other hand, you'll want to let it all go and just build things with the super efficient and easy-to-use editor. You must play Lego World if:
  • You wants to know what you would build if you had infinite Lego pieces as a child.

4. Cube World

Platforms: PC As the title suggests, Cube World follows the same aesthetic as Minecraft and also has a large open world to explore. However, Cube World has no building mechanics and focuses more on character development. In Cube World you will spend more time leveling up, gaining new skills, equipping new clothes and exploring the map. You will also need to choose a class and a specialization, which makes the game look very RPG. You must play Cube World if:
  • Want a game with Minecraft aesthetics but do not care to destroy and build things.

5. Terraria

Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch A good way to describe Terraria is: Minecraft on 2D platform with lots more stuff to kill and weapons to assemble. The game has no tutorial so players should figure out on their own how to build things and especially which items can be built. Also, in Terraria, the entire scenario can be destroyed to reveal secrets and gather material. The game is basically set in two scenarios, the surface and the underground. On the surface the game follows a day / night cycle that brings different characteristics and enemies. Every moment of the day is conducive to one type of activity. One of the graces of the game is to build your own village. As you expand and improve buildings, non-playable characters (NPCs) appear to help with healing, item sales, and other services. But beware! They only appear if you build rooms with enough space, furniture and light. You must play Terraria if:
  • Want to continue Minecraft experience in a 2D scenario with very simple graphics.

6. Craft the World

Platforms: PC and iOS Another 2D game with Minecraft features. Craft the World is very similar to Terraria, but in it you control a group of dwarves instead of a single character. In Craft the World you need to gather enough materials to build tech gadgets while trying to survive the hordes of zombies that attack at night. The goal is to build a portal that will take you to the next world, where the process will be repeated. Unfortunately, the game brings no innovation compared to the others on this list. You must play Craft the World:
  • For the same reasons as Terraria.

7. Terasology

Platforms: PC Terasology is a game openly inspired by Minecraft and could easily be confused with it. In terms of aesthetics the two games are extremely similar, with a few exceptions where Terasology chose a more realistic style, especially in water and sky. Terasology developers consider the game a real tribute to Minecraft, so all the features are very similar. The mechanics of destroying the scenery and building whatever you want is the same, and at this point Terasology inserts some new features, such as the possibility of building an army of minions to protect your stuff. The main differential of Terasology is that it is an open source game, meaning that any player can contribute to the development and expansion of the project. You must play Terasology if:
  • Want to try a more “informal” copy of Minecraft that gets updates more often.

8. Blockstorm

Platforms: PC Blockstorm is a first person shooter (FPS) that takes place in a world completely made up of destructible blocks. The game allows you to create and edit maps and share immediately with other players. Thus, the battlefield options are endless. Blockstorm follows the same line as most FPS games: You are part of a team made up of other real players and need to defeat your opponents. The game contains several modes available (elimination, flag capture, etc.), and the ability to interact with everything around makes the PvP experience incredibly fun. For example, you can destroy a shooting bridge and make it fall on opponents' heads. You must play Blockstorm if:
  • Likes Minecraft and also shooter games.
  • Want a more competition-oriented game without losing its resemblance to Minecraft.

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