All the Advantages and Operator Skills in Call of Duty Mobile!

The Advantages in Call of Duty Mobile are kinds of Talents that you can equip your character through the Armament menu. They provide extremely useful new skills that streamline the game and add an extra element to the shooting, further differentiating one player from another. Perks are only available in Multiplayer mode, so they do not appear in Battle Royale. They are divided into three categories: red, green and blue. In all, you can equip one Advantage of each category. Along with them, you can also customize your character by modifying the Operator Skill, which are extra weapons unlockable in the middle of matches. Check out the complete list of all Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills and Advantages below and find out which are the best in each mode!

Operator Skills

Operator Skill description Requirement
Purifier A short-range flamethrower Level 3
Scythe A super portable automatic machine gun that increases your accuracy over time Level 15
War machine Automatic grenade launcher with devastating power Level 26
Storm After a charge time, it fires a bolt of energy that hits up to nine nearby enemies Level 35
Expandable shield Position an expandable shield Level 50
Hawk Increases the range of your arrows according to the time loaded Complete event
  • War Machine and Hawk are the best skills. While the rest can be deadly in good hands, both the grenade launcher and the bow are perfect for medium and long distances.
  • On closed maps, the Purifier and Sickle are the best, especially if the opposing team enters buildings. Obviously, the Scythe is also lethal over long distances, due to improved accuracy as you carry it longer.
  • To unlock the Falcon, you must complete the specific event dedicated to the skill.
  • The Expandable Shield can be very useful if you play with friends in Domination or Find and Destroy modes. However, due to excessive action and movement in the game, it is not the most recommended skill.

Red advantages

Advantage It is made Requirement
Quick recovery + 35% life recovery Level 4
Persistence Progress on the scoring series is not restarted after dying, but the cost of scoring series is doubled Level 14
Lightweight + 10% running speed and great fall damage reduction Level 22
Agile + 85% targeting speed after running and faster object maintenance Level 30
Anti-bomb jacket Takes -35% explosion damage Level 39
At the stake + 12% speed while walking or crawling Level 45
  • Agile is, without a doubt, the best red Advantage you can equip. The extra speed of aiming changes the pace of the game entirely and you will no longer want to play without it.
  • Rapid recovery is not as good as it seems since the extra speed of life recovery makes no difference in the midst of such fast combats. However, the Advantage is a little more useful in Domination mode.
  • The Sneak Advantage is most useful in Domination mode.
  • If you are having trouble activating your scoring series, use Persistence. It will help you to guarantee extra XP from the use of UAVs, Drones, missiles, etc.

Green advantages

Advantage It is made Requirement
Vulture Pick up ammunition from players killed in the same amount as the maximum magazine capacity of the weapon you are using Level 6
Toughness -60% recoil when hit Level 16
Tracker The footsteps of enemies are visible for 4 seconds Level 24
Cold blood Stay out of the sights of AI-controlled scoring series. Does not affect manual score series Level 32
Heavy equipment Immune to UAV-R and PEM grenades, it also does not activate explosive traps. Reduces the effectiveness of enemy tracking advantages Level 41
Ghost Enemy UAVs fail to reveal their position Level 47
  • Hardness is the best green Advantage, but not by a large margin. Decreasing the retreat when hit will help you win more duels, especially against opponents who have not equipped this Advantage.
  • Vulture is extremely useful in several multiplayer modes. The better you are, the more time you will pass without dying, so you will need to replenish your ammo more often. Without a doubt it is one of the best advantages.
  • Tracker is one of the worst Advantages of the game. You must have a very specific style of play to make use of the skill.
  • Cold-blooded and heavy equipment are good advantages, but their usefulness depends much more on the performance of the enemy team than on yourself.
  • Ghost is an incredible advantage when used by a sniper. With it you can maintain your position even after the opposing team uses UAVs.

Blue advantages

Advantage It is made Requirement
Hard line + 25% points when killing enemies Level 12
Demolition Specialist Your explosives deal + 25% damage Level 20
Deadly silence Silences movement Level 27
Engineer Shows enemy equipment and scoring series. Roll help packs again and trap enemy packs Level 37
Tactical mask Suffers -40% duration on the effect of tactical equipment Level 43
Alert Enemy footsteps are easier to hear Level 51
  • Deadly silence is the best Blue Advantage and probably the best in the game. With it you become a ninja who can move freely without making a noise. However, be aware that it is counterbalanced by the Alert Advantage .
  • In addition to detecting opponents with the deadly Silent Advantage, the Alert Advantage is perfect for snipers who like to stay in the same place for a long time. It is possible to react to enemy advances much earlier than usual.
  • If you are prioritizing XP, use the Hardline Advantage.
  • Demolition specialist and Engineer are very specific Advantages as they shift the attention of the game to traps and explosives. If you equip them, you will need to play very differently from other players. It depends on your taste.
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